Roe V Wade Conflict & Compromise

Abortion has been one of the critical matters in the world history. Different nations have battled against the issues of abortion whereby some countries have been prosperous in the implementations of the laws governing abortion while others have not been successful. In the United States in particular for the pasted decades the Supreme Court has superseded the states as the core weapon in the regulation of the abortion. The Roe v. Wade court’s decision back in the year 1973 which gave the liberty constitutional freedom to the women either to terminate their pregnancies or not has resulted in different conflicts. The governors and states legislatures have passed through a hard time on how there can regulate abortions. In the United States of America, the issues of abortion has become the most common and intimate at the same time. Based on different research it indicates that almost half of the United States women are involved in the termination of pregnancies with the help of both genders in the process of abortion (Pew Research Centre Religion & Public Life). The paper discusses in details on what happens when an attempt at compromise brings about a conflict.

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The history of abortion in America goes backs to a long, detailed account. The issues of abortion have been in the community even before the Supreme Court decision of the case between Roe V. Wade. In the United States, abortion has been legal since the time the earliest settlers arrived. Before the adoption of the constitution, abortion was legal and was done openly without any fear. In the mid-1800s laws were passed which made abortion an illegal act. At this particular point, the anti-abortion rules were different from one state to the next. With time the introduction of scientific methods to perform abortion became more risk to the patients leading to the development of new technologies that could be used to prevent infection. The history of abortion came to a turning pointing in the year 1973 during the Supreme Court ruling in the case that involved Roe v. Wade that made it possible the female to get legal and safe abortions from well-trained medical practitioners. As a result of the legalization of abortion, there was much outbreak of pregnancy-related deaths and injuries. The Roe v. Wade case came out from the Texas rule that was against the issue of legal abortion except in the situation where it involved saving of the mother’s life. During this particular time, most of the states in the United States had laws that were similar to that of Texas. As a result of the rules, it forced a quite good number of women to seek illegal abortion services. In the case, Jane Roe who was of the age of twenty-one years spoke for all the women in the society who wanted to get legal abortion services in vain. On the other, the Texas Attorney General Wade was against the issue of making abortion legal in the community (National Abortion Federation).

In the United States, there are different people or organization that are in support of abortion or against it. For example, the civil right organization was against the all issue of abortion. When Roe won the case at the court, most of the civil societies resorted to different means to articulate their disappointments. Most of them engaged in unlawful acts such as demonstration especially in the hospital facilities that offered the services of abortion, vandalizing most of the clinic properties, blocking the access to these facilities as well as harassment of personals trying to enter the clinics. Most of the abortion providers faced danger from different people as it was marked with anti-abortion violence on patients seeking abortion, health workers as well as violent clinic attacks and even murder which promoted the hostile environment for the female who wanted to seek abortion services. The legalization of the abortion act by the Supreme Court also faced a lot of opposition from the American medical association (National Abortion Federation). The medical professionals staged different crusades that were against the midwives. In the United States in specific, the Christian conservatism, as well as the anti-abortion groups, overlap so much. In the recent, these two organizations have become more apparent. Of the late developments in the US have indicated just how misplaced any complacency about reproductive right indeed is. Most of these groups believe that undertaking abortion is equivalent to murder. Most of the ideological opponents of the issue of abortion view it as an amount of murder but on the other side it has been somehow tricky for them to make sense of different aspects such as the traditional exception they have fought for in a situation such as incest or rape, or incidence where the pregnancy put the life of the mother at a risk. A good number of those who oppose abortion view the Abortion Act as a mere product of political expediencies. Most of the pro-life movement believe that the United States government must make sure that it preserves all the human life regardless of its viability, intent, or quality-of-life concern. In a situation whereby the pro-life ethic comes into conflict with personal autonomy for example in the circumstance of abortion, it is viewed as conservative. The pro-life groups seek to come up with a legacy by putting together all the margins of life such as those of the unborn, physically or mentally challenged as well as the elderly in the society. A good number of the pro-life which includes about three-fifths have gone ahead in giving alternative measure to abortion through thousands of pregnancy help facilities. In additional their efforts also focus on the provision of prayers, education, and legislative initiatives. They go out of their way in helping men and women suffering spiritually and emotionally in the aftermath of abortion.

On the other side after the declaration of the case between Roe v. Wade, there was much celebration from the pro-choice movement as it symbolized their liberty of performing abortion through the use of the legal procedure. Different movement of the pro-choice such as the female organization welcomed the move as a win for all the women. Most of the pro-choice movements have the belief that a person as an individual has the unlimited autonomy in respect to their reproductive system, as long as they do not interfere with the independence of the others. The pro-choice view the issues of abortion as legal as long as it is done in the right manner.

The pro-choice and the pro-life organization come into conflict on the matter concerning abortion. The side of the pro-life movement holds on the point that even a non-viable, undeveloped human life is sacred and it must at all-time be protected by the government in place. The pro-life dispute that abortion must not be legal or never be practiced on an illegal basis. On the other side, the pro-choice group put forward their arguments that pregnancies that are to the point of viability a situation whereby the unborn baby is not able to be sustained in the womb the government does not have any legitimate right to impede a woman’s choice to terminate the pregnancy (Schulzke).

Different ways can be used to settle the whole matter surrounding abortion. Despite the fact of numerous advocacy and speeches calling for the understanding between the pro-life and the pro-choice has achieved little. The situation may appear confusing at some point but a lasting and just peace between the pro-life and the pro-choice people is possible, but it depends on the history of those who have pushed for years over these conflict matter and not in the tired common ground. The cycle of conflict between the pro-choice and the pro-life are the recent ones. People from the two sides of abortion has worked together for an extended period helping families, delivering babies as well as the establishment of the adoption procedures to enhance life comfortably on the side of the women. The pro-life and the pro-choice people can still be members of the same family, these people for the pasted year have been undergoing hostility and judgment from different people because of their views and in most of the cases they find solace in one another when they learn, talk about various perspectives. It right that the pro-choice people can have hopes of a free world with no need for abortion, while on the side of the pro-life people can provide support for the legal means to have an abortion. The past concerning abortion is not remarkable by the human standards. Over the pasted history human being have formulated and continued to invent means to control and manipulate nature to ensure that human life is healthier, pure, and longer. But it is the beliefs, values, culture, morals, and norms that enable the human being to make sense of our power and provide the codes and way forward for how to relate to nature. Beside throughout the history and the world, there is significant diversity in our culture value, the abortion, unborn, and women; these are some of the aspects that make it complicated when different members of the society from each side of either pro-life or pro-choice proclaim the moral high ground. The ground for court right to abortion is the historical injustice of women, which translate to undeniable. The pro-choice people believe in the fact women right to act in the manner she thinks is the best with her own body which more paramount than the value if what is growing inside her. On the other hand, the pro-life have the assumption that protecting the unborn life in the womb is more important even in the situation whereby a woman does not want to carry the child. The better solution to the issue of abortion is the adoption of common ground from both sides (Pollitt).


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