Roaring Twenties

The great twenties or the roaring twenties generally refers to the 1920s. This period was characterized with great patriotism after the end of the First World War.

This period saw a sustained economic developments driven by robust political developments social development was the icing on the cake. The wave cut across major cities from Detroit, New York, Paris, Montreal, Berlin, Los Angeles and London. France was not spared from the developments either, in fact it was referred to as “annes folles” meaning crazy years (Moore, 26).

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Artistically, the era saw the development of new genres of music like jazz. On the other hand Art deco was invented as redefinition of the modern woman hood. It was also during this period that large scale production and use of automobiles was first seen. Apart from that, freight and passenger aviation revolutionized the transport industry. The telecommunication sector saw the invention of the telephones. Motion pictures and radio became the entertainment of the day. Home comfort was heightened by the development of refrigeration and air conditioning (Schaal, 67).

Consumer demand also accelerated during this period creating a steady demand for the goods produced by the industries. Culturally, there was the change in lifestyles significantly.

It was during this period that saw the advent of celebrities focused media with sport personalities and movie stars being the center of attention. City patriotism saw the development of a desire to support home teams which was propagated by the building of large sport stadiums. Cinema also found its way to the entertainment scene of the locals. As far as rights are concerned, women for the first time were allowed to vote.

It was also during this period that US gained an economic muscle trouncing all other world economies. The crash in the Walls Street stocks in 1929 saw the end of this period.


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