Retrospective analysis of personality

In general, retrospective personality analysis can be defined as how a person expresses emotions, actions and thinking that can be linked to his/her past exposures to life. On the other hand, what we are is characterized by personality. Most of the time, individuality is often subject to change over time. There are certain elements of personality, however, which are constant and do not alter regardless of the individual’s age. These unchanging facets of personality can be grouped as the present personality. I will address all facets of my personality in this assignment, those that have altered over time and those that have been stable since I was young. I will also look at the role of nature and nurture as a transformational phenomenon in development of personality. It will also discuss the biases that results from retrospective this view of personality.
The part of personality that I feel was born with me and I still have them today are commitment, love and dedication. I can remember as a young child during plays with other children, I used to model my dream vehicle and could spend a lot of time doing that. Since then, I’ve always been committed in working hard towards achieving my dream car. And willingly, my dreams will one day come true because of work hard each and every day.
Some parts of my personality that I believe that have disappeared along the way are Patience and trust for other people. I have learnt that this world is sometimes unfair and giving trust to some people can always fail me during the last minutes. I learnt that I should not believe in anybody be it you brother or not, relative or a friend. It’s a good ideal not to give them all piece of mind and ideas.
Patience is part of me that has never been patient since I was young so long as I can remember I always remember being in a hurry in whatever I do since I was young. I’m always in urge and pressure to complete my missions and activities in the fastest way possible. I always have the desire to complete the activities that are assigned to me so that I can always be free. Moreover, I always give up in waiting for so long in cases of promises.
Even today, I am still the very boy who lacks trust and patience, but in trying my best, I would want to learn and improve my trust to people and build my patience never to affect me professionally. I have tried building my trust with other people by making sure that I always fulfill my promises and by learning how to be patient through mentoring Program.
Roles of nature and nurture in shaping personality
I totally agree and believe that nature plays a very important role in personality, especially those that haven’t changed despite time factor. People are born with different personalities, but nurture will dictate the ones that will become dominant depending on the upbringing of the individual.
My father was a very humble person and reading his mind was never easy. Most of times, he could come home late at night and spend his quite time sleeping, probably after seeing another woman. In real sense, we never got to interact with him a lot and the family generally. This brought a lot of problems to the family and my mother opted for divorce. Just from that incident, at a very younger age it started interfering with my trust to people. I always thought from then that people can always change their mind any time and they don’t deserve people’s trust. My hard-working mother tried by all means to take care of us, and from that life, I developed the urge to work in dedication and commitment like my mother who made ends meet. Through commitment, hard work and dedication, she provided her six children with everything they demanded. I believe that if my father was to be righteous and provide a good example of what a father should be to the family, then he would have build my trust and I would never be lacking trust to family members.
Nature also interact with nurture in shaping the personalities of the person, am example is my case. During the time when the parents were divorced, my mother provided everything for the family. Because of that, I found myself liking that act and over time, I came to love my mother because she never abandoned her kids.
Sources of bias
During retrospective analysis of personality, an individual only looks at one side of the event, activity or the occurrence. For example, from the divorce above, I assumed that my father is the cause. This can lead individual in making uninformed decision because the focus is one direction. Due to this, to related personalities in one person may take different directions. For example, love might remain consistent as trust is changing.
Nature and nurture as elements of shaping personality only defines people’s personality due to a given situation and is not reliable means of identification of personality.
This method of analyzing individual personality depends on the goodness or how bad the nurture or nature in shaping individual personality.
The reason for emphasis on scientific results
Science of psychology places more emphasis on results based on scientific studies than it does on personal experience. This because personalities from personal experiences present rare occurrences of the same personalities from similar situations unlike in scientific methods where sampling is done and one type of personality is distributed within populations given nature or nurture that led to personality.

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