Research Project Principles

Finding, referencing, and organizing the references used in the final task in a presentable manner is the most important aspect of completing a research project. In order to complete this project, I used the EBSCOhost database to locate the three sources I used. EBSCOhost is one of the most comprehensive databases for scholarly and peer-reviewed content. The first phase involved logging into the database and searching for key terms such as Thorne Wilder’s play Our Town, then evaluating the results for relevance to the search issue. I learned how to use the database from the Google website, which explains how to find articles relevant to the study. Even though obtaining of resources from this database seems easier, some challenges exist, which students may face in trying to gain access to sources. Some of the problems that any student like me may face are as follows. Most of the articles under the search topic had no preview or attachments that are of significance to a student, thus hindering the acquisition of knowledge by researchers using this database. Furthermore, the database requires a login. Therefore, it is mandatory for any students to have the login information to access sources and references.

:searcherss to Sharp New Angles”Tips:

Should narrow your search by using appropriate headings and topics to help give well and fewer results.

Ensure before accessing the database you have the logins to improve your progress and search.

In completing this research, I identified two peers reviewed sources that were helpful in the overall task. These two articles are: Welcome Back to Grover’s Corners: ‘Our Town’ Never Left Stage, but this Season’s Productions Are Finding Sharp New Angles by Lori Laster and American Classic ERIC MYERS Interviews Ned Rorem about the Composer’s New Project – an Opera Based on Thornton Wilder’s Our Town by Eric Myers.

These two sources were found at EBSCOhost database. The first reference presents an overview of the theatrical production of Our Town by Thornton Wilder, while the second provides a summary of how the production of Our Town has influenced artists to perform it musically. These sources help me to understand the theme of the paper with respect to the unique character (Stage Manager), who plays the central role in the drama. Additionally, it provides an insight to the audience of Our Town in relation to the Stage Manager character.

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