Research Log – Pro Life vs. Pro Choice

Preliminary information

“Pro-life” and “pro-choice” terms are typically centered on the debate as to if abortion should be forbidden or if acceptable in society. Whereas various pro-life activists put up with confining of rights of a woman to decide if she should have an abortion, supporters evidently remind people of everyday certainties of bearing unwanted children. Individuals support abortion saying every woman has a right to choose. On the other hand, some say it is an ethics issue. Throughout the public life, the reasons for abortion have been prejudiced controversy.

Various sources will help me learn more about the topic, such as journals, websites, and books. Scholars write journals, hence containing information that is highly relevant to the question under study. Therefore, I will get information that is approved by scholars and essential to the subject. Websites represent information available on the internet, information that most recent regarding the topic. Depending on when a book was published, the information found will help review what different authors think of the issue.

The keywords that will help me locate the source required for the research include pro-life, pro-choice, abortion, women, reproductive rights, contraceptives, pregnancy, birth control, family planning, and morals.

Research process information

It is essential to narrow down the topic before starting to search for resources. Before beginning the research process, one should identify when, where, and what to search, how to revise searched and the expected findings. Through the research process, it is possible to determine and locate relevant information, evaluate the results and present the ideas received.

The research starts with defining the topic then searching topic ideas through browsing updated websites, magazines, books, and journals. From each significant search, I get more than five hints. To get a better response to the quests, I narrow down the topic and only include keywords in the search. I limit the search depending on the type of source I need, for example, journal, article, magazine, or book.

Research findings information

If found the following sources to use for my research.

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Annotated Bibliography

Alcorn, Randy. Why Pro-life?: Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers. Hendrickson Publishers, 2012.

Through the book, the author managed to answer questions concerning abortion. He encourages readers to be wisely conversant and tackle the abortion issue that is a matter of life and death with facts.

Arie, Sophie. “Is Abortion Worldwide Becoming More Restrictive?” The BMJ, vol. 345, 2012, p. e8161.

Arie observes the variances in how abortion is approached globally.

Bose, Debopriya. “Arguments for Pro-Choice Abortions.” Buzzle, 2016,

Bose notes why it is essential for women to be given the freedom to choice between keeping the fetus and aborting. Their freedom needs to respected and upheld no matter what.

Dew, Diane. “A Pro-Life Perspective Essays on Life Issues – Abortion, Euthanasia, Suicide.” Diane Dew, 21 Feb. 2015,

Dew acknowledges that abortion only offers a dead baby; a choice she perceives is ridiculous.

Ertelt, Steven. “President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation.” Beliefnet, 11 Feb. 2012,

During the presidency of Obama, he engaged in various activities that promoted abortion. Despite him promising to reduce abortion, the long list of activities he took part in make his supporters believe he had an agenda of promoting more abortions.

Gallant, Leah. “”The Only True Feminist is a Pro-Life Feminist”: Pro-life Activism and the Discourse of Women’s Rights.” Core, August 2015,

The author notes how pro-choice advocates pursued to get more information concerning where woman-protective came from and their uses.

Grisanti, Michael A. “The Abortion Dilemma.” The Master’s Seminary Journal, vol. 11, no. 2, 2000, pp. 169-90.

The author has indicated that close to forty million pregnancies have been made with the pro-abortion supporters strongly advocating for unrelenting legalization of abortion on demand.

Hrichi, Shadia. “Position Paper on Abortion.”

Hrichi notes that abortion there is an assumption behind abortions; parents may perceive that the child is unwanted or his or her life is not worth living.

Johnson, Robert. “Reasons Given for Having Abortions in the United States.” Johnstons, 18 Jan. 2016,

The author reviews available data concerning reasons people have given to justify the abortions done within the United States.

Lopez, Raquel. “Perspectives on Abortion: Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, and What Lies in between.” European Journal of Social Sciences, vol. 27, no. 4, 2012, pp. 511-17.

The journal takes us back to the time people used to practice contraception and abortion. The author acknowledges that it is easy to find articles advocating for abortion. He identifies how inhumane it is to bear children into the world then they end up leading a miserable life.

Miller, Jon D., et al. “Public Acceptance of Evolution.” Science, vol. 313, no. 5788, pp. 765-66.

People who supported pro-life had high chances of rejecting evolution compared to those who supported pro-choice.

Millstein, Seth. “How to Argue Pro Choice: 11 Arguments against Abortion Access, Debunked.” Bustle, 3 Sep. 2019,

Millstein brings forth arguments contrary to abortion right. Among the arguments, he supports that fetus are human being and need to be respected; thus, no abortion should be upheld as it results in murder.

Munson, Ziad W. The Making of Pro-Life Activists: How Social Movement Mobilization Works. University of Chicago Press, 2010.

The author explains how individuals become advocators for things about which they extremely care. Several individuals who have the same background, for example, passionately consider that abortion needs to be prohibited; only a fraction of them supports the pro-life movements.

O’malley, Candice M. “Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Pro-Life Choices.” Journal of Undergraduate Nursing Writing, vol. 6, no. 1, 2013, pp. 45-51.

The author notes that pro-life is a hot debate that has happened for decades now. Some individuals advocate for pregnancy termination within the first trimester if it was because of rape or is believed to have an impact on the mother’s health.

Peach, Andrew J. “Pro-Choice ‘Personhood’: An Abortive Concept.” Life and Learning XIV, 2003, pp. 187-210.

Peach notes how philosophers entreat a difference between human and person whenever they want to question if unborn children have rights to life and if they need protection.

Ruse, Cathy, and Rob Schwarzwalder. “The Best Pro-Life Arguments for Secular Audiences.” Family Research Council, 25 May 2011,

The author notes the importance of giving people information about abortion as that will help them appreciate how anti-moral the act is. Abortion should be given special attention when compared to other social issues happening throughout the world, it is causing people to suffer.

Saad, Lydia. “More Americans “Pro-Life” than “Pro-Choice” for First Time.” Gallup, 15 May 2009,

The author presents the outcome of a survey conducted during Obama’s presidency. The outcome indicate that there was an increase in the number of pro-life especially among various Christian religious groups.

Smith, Andrea. “Beyond Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life: Women of Color and Reproductive Justice.” NWSA Journal, vol. 17, no. 1, 2005, pp. 119-40.

The author has represented the pro-life versus pro-choice model used to appreciate the rights for production among marginalized women, such as those with disabilities, those who are poor, and women of color.

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