Renaissance Art vs Middle Ages

Art refers to the application of human skill and imagination. It may involve the application of visual form, painting, sculpture, among other attributes. Art is appreciated primarily for its emotional power and beauty. In this essay, the focus is laid on the art of the Renaissance and that of the Middle Ages.

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There are many differences between the ‘art of the Renaissance’ and that of ‘the Middle Ages.’ Renaissance was the period of awakening between the 14th– 16th centuries. It was part of the cultural movement involving infrastructural development, renewed learning, and educational reforms. It can be considered as the link between the Modern Age and the Middle Age. Renaissance art included that of Michelangelo, Petrarch, Leonardo da Vinci, and Dante. Artists adapted the classical form in their various works through the use of religion and human beauty. Other features involved the application of two-dimensional effects. There were both social and cultural changes associated with Renaissance art. An example is the aspect of the secularization of the life of people, the attribute of social mobility, and the use of money-credit economy.

The Middle Ages, on the other hand, was the period between 5th -16th centuries. It involved the use of Gothic art (the use of ribbed vaults and pointed arches). In essence, middle age art involved the use of stonework and fine woodwork. An example is the “Notre Dame Cathedral” located in Paris which used ornamental gables and flying buttresses in its construction. Social and cultural aspects of the Middle Ages include the aspect of learning, religion, and literature. There were trends of cultural shaping especially in the use of European culture and its application in the present day.