Remember the Titans

The movie Remember the Titans puts into perspective the aura of leadership and management. It is apparent that some characters in the film demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities. Coach Boone was a great leader, whose leadership traits inspired the team to glory. He was determined, hardworking and perseverant. Despite being racially discriminated and placed on the verge of getting unjustly fired, he worked hard and won every game.

Yoast was a diligent leader. He felt the need to keep white students in the team, since they would lose their scholarships, and accepted to take up the role of being the assistant coach. He also let go of the inducement to the hall of fame and chose to stand for Coach Boone. He was a compassionate, honest and principled leader.

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Gerry Bertier was a relatively emotional leader. He would be moved into a clash with members of the team while serving as the captain of the Titans. He was also quite a determined leader, considering that even after his tragic accident, he went on to play as a paraplegic. He motivated the crippled members of the society to live positively. Julius Campbell was also quite an emotional leader, considering his vicious altercations with Bertier. He was also determined and hardworking.

The key similarity in the leadership styles portrayed by the four characters in question is determination. They all faced challenges which would have made them lose hope and succumb to pressure. However, they strived to overcome the challenges and attained success.

The most valuable leadership style portrayed in the film is unity. This falls in the doctrine of the leadership theory known as democratic leadership (Winkler 14). The leaders were able to see beyond their racial differences and worked hand in hand for the common good of the team. This is why they were very successful. The most detrimental leadership style demonstrated in the film is emotional leadership. Emotional leaders tend to have tantrums (Tracy, 19), like was the case for Bertier and Campbell initially. As a result, they lose focus and are not in a position to succeed.


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