relevance of the inaugural speeches Lincoln and Kennedy

J.F. Kennedy’s and Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration addresses are among the most famous American speeches ever delivered. Despite the fact that they were delivered many years earlier, the two inaugural addresses have served as a model for subsequent presidential inaugural speeches. The significance of the two speeches can be seen in their demonstration of American citizens’ unity and collaboration. For example, Lincoln, who governed in 1861, delivered an inaugural speech that emphasized American unification rather than dividing the nation. A century later, after the cold war, Kennedy encouraged Americans to work together and focus on ending illnesses, war, and tyrrany. This message is relevant in today’s American society since there has been the prevalence of wars and social disparity between societal classes. With the application of the two speeches, Americans are reminded to be united and help each other to end war and poverty.

Secondly, the two inaugural speeches focused on the key factors that affect the modern American jurisdiction and social affairs. For instance, Lincoln’s speech focused on the constitution and the need to maintain clear and respected laws. He insisted on making a constitution that will be dependable and will rule throughout America. The message in Lincoln’s speech is relevant today since it emphasizes the need to create bills that focus on the needs of the American citizens and also considering the rights and freedom of the citizens. There have various been cases of police brutality towards black Americans, and the Constitution should create strict laws to protect every American.

Thirdly, Kennedy’s speech discussed the need to build the nation and making America a great nation in the world. This message is relevant toady since the global economy has grown and is competitive, thus America needs to perform even better to remain the best nation in the world. In addition, the acknowledgment of God in the two speeches reminds the modern Americans of the need to be religious and act with good integrity.

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