Reflection On Bias

The healthcare system in the United States is developed such that it uses technology that is highly advanced to provide quality services to patients. Patients often get high-quality services from professionals trained to deal with specific health conditions. However, there is the problem of payment that has been an issue in the health care system in the United States. There are no clearly defined payment methods that have been seen as creating an effective and efficient healthcare system. The problem to be addressed in this research is on the payment methods that can be utilized in the healthcare system to make it more effective.

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The bias of this research would be to find healthcare facilities that utilize various payment methods to be used by patients. Most of the facilities would not be willing to provide information to aid the study due to the fear of their information not being protected. Additionally, it would be challenging to find the most appropriate healthcare facilities that can be used for the study. Further, since the study requires interviewing for effective data collection, there is a bias that some of the selected correspondents would not be willing to provide accurate information regarding their payment methods and h effectiveness. I identified these issues from reading experiences of other scholars who researched on topics of a similar nature.

To limit the negative impacts of the identified biases, it would be ethical to observe the professional code of ethics on protecting the data provided by the correspondents. A single agreement for privacy would also be necessary. This would give the individuals participating in the research to gain confidence and thus provide accurate information relating to the research problem.