Realism and Marxism

‘Disenchantment” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is ‘a feeling of disappointment about someone or something you previously respected or admired. Disenchantment is also viewed as disillusionment. Modernity refers to the state of being modern, similar to the avant-grade movement. Realism and Marxism theories were developed to explain the concept of creating peace in the world. The statesman developed realism. The two movements have attempted to explain disenchantment perhaps advance it. Humanity is egocentric, and people are geared forward search for additional power. Society focuses on the interest of gaining more power for security reasons in the anarchic world. Power expression is through military strength. Marxism theory looks at the economic structure where political, legal structure and social standards are modified. In this way, Marxism drives change in politics.

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Realism based on the management of possessing, pursuing and applying political power in the society. Realism assumes the primacy of politics over the materialistic perspective. Realism and Marxism have the same impacts irrespective of having different founders. The two theories stability and purpose are a factor of hierarchy, structure and world governance. Further, States uses this power to accomplish their future objectives for their growth. Both theories suggest that for the control and stabilizing of the economy, there is a need to create a form of leadership system. These leaders are responsible for international and national relations. Scholars may disapprove that Marxism can never be like realism. People in the society believe equity is necessary for the population. This belief results in economic and population growth. Critical realism explains that certain things are more basic than others. This works by reality stratification. Realism suggests that there is a purpose for national security fuels, this form a necessity for the growth of the economy. Marxism introduces new ideas while Realism does not allow changes though the two theories have similar ideologies.