Public Policy and Healthcare

Public policy and healthcare refer to the decisions, plans and actions that are undertaken to achieve healthcare goals within the society. Public policy in healthcare does affect physician and patient choices significantly and mostly does limit those choices.

One of the most important points that I have learned about public policy and healthcare is that government policies do affect the quality of healthcare that is provided in most of the health centres. This also translates to after-effects of the patient outcomes. Public policy does have a significant impact on the healthcare system because it sets down the rules, regulations and funding of the healthcare sector. Public policies do affect the drivers of the healthcare system (Milstead,2019).Public policies do create to regulate and maintain public goods that create a viable environment for good health. For instance, proper roads and highways which are planned through general public impact the accessibility of healthcare services by the citizens.

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The public policies do help in reducing barriers and provide incentives that influence the choices that impact health. For instance, public policy can make education accessible to all people despite the social class, which would help determine the outcome of health in society (Milstead,2019). Education and the level of income are some of the major predictors of health among people. People with a high level of education and income are healthy. Government policies such s increased taxation on products that cause more harm than good to the health of the citizen helps in the enhancement of public health care.

Learning how public policy influences healthcare outcomes does have an impact on my practice as an advanced practice nurse. Having an understanding of public policy will help me know how to handle certain situations in health care facilities. It will help me understand what particular policies will impact the health outcomes of the patients and our choices as physicians. Understanding public policy enlightens me on the measures the government is taking to help improve the healthcare sector. According to Marmor (2017), it will also help me understand the rules and regulations that govern the healthcare sector, thus providing healthcare within the guidelines of the law. It will also help me explain to the patients the necessary instructions that they need to follow for them to have better health outcomes.

The group process in this semester has been of great benefit in my studies: as it has helped me read and understand other perspectives put forward by my school mates. It has helped me utilize critical thinking skills, which are essential in making decisions and performing tasks. It has also enabled me to participate more regularly in my assignments, unlike when we have a regular class which has boosted my performance. The group process has helped me develop higher cognitive and exploratory learning whereby I can now learn, retain and apply the knowledge in a better way. This helps me have an excellent understanding of everything that I have learnt in class for me to be a better nurse. It has helped me develop a sense of gender-based equality since the bias exhibited in discussion boards is reduced, which leads to the development or a more conducive environment.


Public policy is of great importance in healthcare, and they both should work together to ensure that all policies that are established are meant to foster good health among the citizens (Carter,2019).



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