Procrastination and Sensation Seeking


Our daily lives involve making rational decisions which can lead intentional or intentional procrastination. Procrastination can be defined as the unnecessary delay of planned long terms objectives and events in favor of short term goals or rewards which will result to regret in the future days for failing to take a rational decision. Procrastination can be defined in simple terms as a thief of time. Preference reversal is the processes of focusing on solving a specified problem by turning it around by thinking about it differently. The decision maker avoids the normal, the logical and right direction of a problem (Brunnermeier, Papakonstantinou, & Parker, 2016).

One of the recent instances I procrastinated is when I was given the responsibility to write a report on Monday which was due on Thursday. Writing my report on Monday was less desirable than writing it on Tuesday which would be less desirable to taking action on Wednesday. The dilemma on continued until I had to act on Thursday very early in the morning. This delay to take a rational decision to act immediately affected the quality of the report.

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Body piercing

Sensation seeking is a characteristic in which people seek to pursue personal pleasure and a form of excitement by searching for experiences and activities which are extremely complex and novel by taking associated financial, social and legal risks. Body piercing is the practice of body modification for instance puncturing body parts. It may also involve the process of piercing body parts to wear jewelry. Most common body piercing is ear and body piercing. Body piercing is an expressive form of sensation seeking since it is less risky; it expresses art and personal feeling (Celik, &Turan, 2016)



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