Political Activity/ Inactivity

The activity of mass public in actions towards politics is termed as political participation. The activities might include assisting in political campaigns, voting in elections, petitioning, writing or calling political leaders, supporting political aspirants financially or demonstrating. The participation in political activities is one is the major aspects of democracy and representative governance because it offers a platform for citizens to articulate their views. However, participation is characterized as an active or inactive contribution.

A good citizen is supposed to be politically active; in events where a democracy activity is supposed to take place, citizens ought to participate since is for the good of the country. I am politically active but in abstention: I like to balance out my participation in a manner that in which it will seem that have never participated at all (Mariano & Montero 330). For instance in the voting process where there are only Yes or No, I would vote both yes and no thus it will be which is similar to not have voted since the outcome will be the same.

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A good citizen is expected to extend care to their fellow citizens. While in some palaces Empathy is regarded as a bad political term, it is connected to the advocacy for enormous government resolutions to social problems (Hadi 3). However caring is carried out differently; for instance, it could be volunteering to work with christen or community institutions or personal act of care toward others. Therefore, regardless of the method, perfect citizens show empathy to other citizens.

One of the most common characters of a good citizen which I possess is being informed. I understand every event and information that is affecting our country and other citizens (Hadi 5). In the current circumstances, where technology and innovation are taking place; circulation of information is also evolving making it easy to circulate both true and erroneous information. However, there are better sources of information like TV stations and government-funded online libraries.

I give back to society through tax. Good citizens are supposed to participate effectively in filling tax returns: it is because they are taking part in development like among others, creation of roads and hospitals and libraries. They participate in paying the security officers and promote inventions and research of medications. Therefore it is advisable for citizens to take part in the development and build their country.

I am educated; good citizens are the ones who are educated, unlike being informed, education involves learning analytical skills. The internet cannot provide all the information required by and individual (Mariano & Montero 334). For instance, it does not of the capabilities of comprehending what action should be taken with the information. Therefore, education offers philosophical comprehension of moral and personal basis which offer insights to the citizen, on how to utilize the information to benefit other citizens.

The most common agent of socialization in my life is school. Throughout my education, my political learning has been stimulated through classes like history and civic education. The major influence is the enactment of activates like rising of the flag and student government (Mariano & Montero 333). My re respect for the government/ authority was cultivated in school since teachers had the capacity to punish students. Additionally, the school served as the platform for socialization with young individuals’ politics.


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