Personal Narrative Letter

My first experience with alcohol happened when I was thirteen years old. I got wasted with a friend after stealing some bottles of alcohol from my parents’ room. I began to spend a large amount of time with my cousin Mike after a while. We frequented convenience stores in search of alcohol and met new people. Our friends had such an effect on our lives that we began clubbing on a regular basis without our parents’ knowledge. Mike and I were pulled over at one of the roadblocks on our way home during one of these moments when we sneak away from home to clubs. The officer that pulled us over tested using the breath analyzer and the alcohol content in Mike was way over the recommended limit. The narration thus intends to highlight the fact that it is impossible to run away from problems through lying. Lying worsens the situation.

The nights started out like every other night by meeting up with Mike at one of the local pubs before deciding on joining our friends who were at a club partying. We took a few beers before moving to the club at around 10 p.m. where we could play pool, dance, and socialize with other friends like every other weekend. This night, however, was different since it was on a Friday and my graduation was the following Thursday. We, therefore, took the opportunity to enjoy ourselves while hanging out with some of the friends that we are likely not to meet with for a long time after graduating. At around 2 a.m. Mike and I decided that we have had enough of partying and the drinks, therefore, moved to the car so that we could leave the party. We got to the car and made our way home that is about 10 minutes away. However, on our way, we encountered a roadblock set up by the police. As we approached the barrier, one of the officers reached towards Mike’s window and ordered him to wind it down. The officer asked Mike whether he has been drinking and Mike responded that he had just a few bottles of beer. The officer then requested Mike to step out of the vehicle, and I knew that was the beginning of our woes for the night. We were less than 5 minutes away from home, and our efforts towards trying to make him show leniency bore no fruits. The officer performed alcohol test on Mike using the breath analyzer. Mike accepted to take the tests without argument. The results of the breath analysis proved higher than the acceptable limit, and that meant trouble for both of us as neither of our parents knew our whereabouts at that time.

The officer asked Mike to accompany him to the police van that was waiting, and since I was with Mike, I could not leave him alone, so I decided on accompanying him to the station. At the station, the officer asked whether Mike had money on him to cover the bail, but neither of us carried out Credit cards. The officer, therefore, pointed to one of the police cells whereby Mike would be held until his parents are contacted, and the bail settled. At that moment, we started on deliberating on whether to contact our parents or wait until morning when Mike would be presented to the court to respond to charges on DIU.

The fact that it was late also made it challenging on making the decision on whether to call my parents or Mike’s foes. However, on realizing that we did not have a lot of time and the fact that having Mike staying in the cells until morning would result in him responding to charges on DIU that guarantees several months of jail time. Besides the prison time, DIU would as well result in suspension of his driving license. Therefore, after careful deliberation, we decided on soliciting funds from friends that proved futile. The majority of the friends whom we sought help from in an attempt to raise the bail while covering up the incidence from our parents proved ineffective. The remaining option was calling our parents and informing them the truth regarding the occurrences of the night.

I, therefore, called Mike’s dad and decided on informing him of the fact that Mike had been arrested for DIU. Despite his expression of anger towards our decision on going to the club without informing either of our parents, he confirmed that he would be at the station in few minutes. Our attempts at covering up our actions through lying we realized that we were making the situation. Eventually, he managed to cover the bail, and we went home. However, on our way home it became apparent that covering up the truth through lying is rather ill-advised behavior that only worsens the situation. Without telling the truth, Mike would have been sent to jail for DIU.

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