Patti Cake Movie Review

The movie, Patti Cake$ by Geremy Jasper revolves around Patricia Dombrowski also known as Killa, and it was released on January 23rd of 2017 owing to a budget of $ 1million. Geremy who is a local rapper directed the move and through the movie is inspired to fight for success and fame in her life. In the film, everyone sees it as a fussy as played by a 23-year-old New Jersey and sized bartender. However, Patti Cake$ has a talent that fills stadiums as a rapper. Moreover, she is living in a dumpy area with a barb mom, and this is a revolutionary part played by cabaret and Everett and Cathy Moriaty his grandmother, although in a sad situation confined in a wheelchair. We have watched the movie before in most times, the director of the music video Geremy Jasper creates variations and spins the theme to keep everything good and exciting. Additionally, Macdonald brings in the realism of the movie because of his excellent experience as an actor who is ready to express and rap by sending emotions to the audience. Therefore, in this movie we see it in both cases its significance and impact at large to the locals and the community (Watkins 3). We will analyze more on the girl and how she emerges as the rapper of the many through the lyrics developed by the Jasper. Later the movie is sold with all hopes as if the life of the actress depended on it. Hence, the film Patti Cake$ shows the influence of the Italian Neo-Realism, in its use of non-professional actors, gritty realism, and its call for social change.

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Geremy is a real crowd entertainer, and most of the people locally are getting inspired by the actor’s mixture of uplift and grittiness. It is giving a demonstration that showbiz chooses as more like stories than unlike and they vividly counter culture, and feature different actors who do not conform for the studio deals — for instance, the white for Hollywood males. Danielle Macdonald plays Patti Cakes$ movie and lives in an alcoholic state, a mom barb singer and a grandmother immobilized. Patti moves around and sacrifices to work long hours to keep his family from collapsing (Mendenhall). Further, the films centered on music while attempting to bring out the feeling of associating other parties. Even though many rappers are not involved and with little exceptions, the film seems simple and highly appreciative. Despite the Patti Cakes$ film is being recognized positively, there is good music to be followed. Therefore Patti Cakes$ qualifies to be one of them. Hence, in terms of its gritty realism is of great pleasurable and entertaining. For instance, the friend of Patti Siddharth Dhananjay with his grandmother Cathy both used for comedic relief. Also, Nan brings out his character in the movie by making it more laughter as she tries to act as the mother of Patti and trying to show that her birth mother is not there when she needs her. In the movie, the story tries to follow the heroes like of Joseph Campbell’s step by step yet it reiterates on the same new thing by refreshing. By use of relatable and likable characters which bring out the character of the real and actual people, where many do fail along with their journey of stories. Most people always argue that Hollywood movies are losing creativity and this is just in one specific and unique movie. A movie that I would like to recommend greatly, although I do not listen to rap and do not like it. But this movie there is gritty and an understanding of the original songs striking in my brain. Hence, the movie is appealing from the beginning for both Danielle MacDonald and Geremy Jasper, the director, therefore is a good movie for watching.

Particularly, Macdonald should avoid cycles which play out films over and over. Using this, some agents in the film industry call flavor moments. An actor of a plus size, who is unknown arrives with support in the entertainment industry with a refreshment from producers who try to perform well but later portraying or showing evidence of Hollywood ending because of lacking professionalism in the industry (Boschi 247). For example, Nikki who acquired fame in the year 2007 as the plucky Tracy and was nominated in the awards of a golden globe and getting other television roles, later she turned out to join another field so that she could be able to pay for her bills after acting for some time. Therefore, the same case applies to Patti showing her that she is not professional in the industry for acting. She should find a different career where she can do better. In this case, those acting and leading in the industry in the roles they are playing, they are perceived by the producers, writers, and directors through imagining and visualization without giving the opportunity of following the best inventive, practical styles of portraying them. As Ms. Macdonald suggests, there have scarce opportunities in Hollywood for the plus size girls as it is out of step in a cultural way.

In the US, 71% of the youth aged twenty years and above are obese. Patti Cakes$ is a great movie for the self-assured young lady as it is the best portrait in the movie; in some areas, some cases of overweight have been highlighted (Watkins 5). Majority of people do a lot of fun on how white she is and fat depending on the situation. Also, there is a response from men on the sexism flat-out, this not whether she is they are white, brown, or black. Hence, telling her that she cannot make as a rapper when knowingly she can. Outside the ramshackle in the gas station in the New Jersey at night, some young boys meet Patti and get into a rapping battle, and taunting her as Dumbo. It was difficult in the shooting of the movie at the scene since the actor was the only one as the instigator and Lombardi, could not by himself hurl the insults. In the end, she coaxed him. Fortunately, this was a little bit more complicated, and in life, I cannot accept that to start bothering. Despite all that had happened, she had to accept the effect as the character in her was absorbing it. However, the festivals of the crowds showed Ms. Macdonald his way of acting as euphoria, and she got aroused as she stood up.

In the early stages of the career, social change share developed. In the beginning, the artist starts to imitate the art that inspired them and later a bit of their innovation process creates something new for them. In addition to that, Patti Cakes$ never succeeded in the end. Therefore, in Patti Cake$ movie is felt so much for the social change process in the film festival industry. In this change what elevated it most is the attention of the area geographically and in the culture of the people who stays in the area (Klein 82). Patti Cake$ is in the best stage, to show the United States northerners the intersection process for all the immigrant, the black and the white youth in the rap, freestyle contests and the culture of weed with also sharing of the music (Durkovic). Patti Cake$ films also capture African American culture and its vernacular by further going into the pockets of everybody’s art and speech whether they know or they do not. Sometimes, the greatest humor coming in the movie arises when watching the film this in turn between the white and black and is not enough. The movie is more memorable and sharper in the acting process according to its instincts of the documentary. Hence in its social changes call makes more worth to be viewed as it contains a superb performance. Therefore, in Patti Cake$ movie with its surroundings, Macdonald is seen in casting part as excellent and authentic. The movie portrays its relevance socially to the current situation. This show in the case where Everett passes by in the villain in the course of the movie with unappealing attitude, but there are good signs in her since life has reduced her down so much later realizing how in social cases should interact with other people positively.

In conclusion, the movie, Patti Cake$, by Geremy Jasper emerges as one of the best projects in the world. Although the movie falls into many cases of similar rags, Danielle MacDonald is a star performing with gritty. Additionally, she feels sad but manages to find the best ways to reach the end of the tunnel. The movie is good and enjoyable whether you are a fan of music or not. The tunes and rhymes in the music make Patti Cake$ movie impressive to its original content. To sum up, this is the move for everyone that will root you for the unlikely MC for grabbing of the New Jersey.


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