Paper of post-reflection

I had the chance to take part in 10-hour volunteer service at the Friendly House in Worcester, Massachusetts. Initially, I figured it was enough time to know a lot about the operations of this organization. Unfortunately, I was not even able to run into half of the programs and departments it provided until my time had expired. I haven’t been interested in such voluntary exercises before, and I thought like this was a turning point in improving my view. It made me understand that there are people who need my assistance, and I feel able to support them without actually expecting a payment. Thus, participating in the 10-hour voluntary service helped me to get in touch with reality and appreciate that life has just favored my family and me so much.
Since childhood, I have developed a gentle heart to the less fortunate people, and my visit to Friendly House only soldered these compassions. By being at a center that assists families with basic needs (Family House, 2017), I felt no difference between them and me, apart from the financial fortune I enjoy because of the courtesy of my parents. Of all the programs offered at Friendly House, I fell in love with the Youth Hoop Basketball where I spent much of my time and dedicated most efforts. I am a basketball fanatic and a player too, so when I found out that the center also offers basketball training for the people aboard, I decided to try it there. The basketball program is currently divided into three key divisions based on the age of the children (8-10, 11-12 and 13-15 years). I was impressed with the passion and zeal of them. Many of the players are talented and looking forward to building a future out of the game. I felt impressed about all of them. My experience enthused me, and I promised to go back again not as a part of my classwork but as a passionate undertaking.
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