Over the past eight weeks, we have been able to read a considerable number of literary Works.

We have had the opportunity to read a large number of literary works over the last eight weeks. Essentially, the object of this paper is to write a research paper on which literary works should be added/included in LITR202. Today, the world is made up of a large number of significant writers who have written a large number of literary works that are both fascinating and educational. In order to finish this text, I will examine at least four literary works that should be included in LITR202. Some of these literary works include Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, The Underdogs by Mariano Azuela, An Image of Africa: Racism in the Heart of Darkness by Chinua Achebe and Independence Day written by Richard Ford.


Things fall apart

This Novel was written by one of the greatest Novelist from Africa. Basically; it was written in Nigeria and was originally published in the year 1958 by Heinemann Educational Books (Chinua 2). This novel is classified under the historical fiction genre. The Novels main ideas are centered on the pre and post – colonial life in Nigeria during the late 19th Century (Chinua 12). It is written in English using a past tense form. Some of the main characters that can be related with this Novel are Mr. Brown, Ezinma, Nwoye and Ikemefuna (Chinua 10). Generally; when we look at the novel from the reader’s side it is safe to state the fact that this book is written by a figure that is omniscient. The Novel is also written in a tone that is fable like, satirical, tragic and ironic. Lastly; the setting can be related to the events or activities that were happening in Nigeria during the 1890s (Chinua 43). Generally; this book should be added to LITR 202 since it will help us understand how Africa was portrayed during the pre and post-colonial times.

The Underdogs

This is a Mexican Novel that was written by Mariano Azuela (Azuela & Gustavo 2). Basically; this novel was written in relation to the author’s experiences as medical expert during the era of the Conflict. It is important to note the fact that this Novel was originally known as Los de abajo. Generally; this Novel has a total word count of about 149 interesting pages to read (Azuela & Gustavo 145). Mariano Azuela wrote this novel while she was in Mexico. When we look at genre, it is safe to state the fact that “The Underdogs” is a fictional since it is based on a story that is not completely true (Azuela & Gustavo 2). Some of the main themes that can be related with this novel are Nature, difference, Money, passion and disinterest.

Lastly; the main character in this book are Demetrio Macias, Solis, Luis Cervantes, Blondie and Camilla (Azuela & Gustavo 40). Other additional characters that play minor roles in the novel are; Pancracio and Anastasio Montanes. In reference to the revolution; the Mexicans were tired of their current political and leadership system. They felt they wanted change. This Novel explains now Demetrio Macias fights during the revolution (Azuela & Gustavo 45). It also explains how he rose to become a general in Pancho Villa’s army and how they bring Huerta, their president down. Generally; this book should be added on LITR202 since one can be able to understand or contemplate the Mexican Revolution.

An Image of Africa: Racism in the Heart of Darkness

Racism refers to the process of discriminating an individual based on their skin tone or color. In this case; some of the main races in the World are the American Indians, Asians, African/Black American, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian and the Whites. Each of the races mentioned above have their own culture and system of beliefs that are different from one another. They also differentiate from one another in the sense that they have different skin colors and complexion. An Image of Africa: Racism in the heart of Darkness was originally published in February, 1977 (Achebe 2). It is written by one of Africa’s proficient writers, Chinua Achebe. Generally based from the story line as well as the title of the book, it is safe to state that the main theme reflected by the book is Racism and culture.

Culture comes in when Chinua Achebe focuses on the Western people and their culture (Achebe 18). The main character in this book is Joseph Conrad. Basically; the flow of the story is very easy to understand. As the story continues; we get to see Chinua Achebe accusing Joseph Conrad as a racist. According to Chinua Achebe; Joseph Conrad views Africa as a continent that belongs to another planet (Achebe 27). He also views Africans as people who are people who are less significant/important in the World. Generally; based on perception and view, this piece of literary work should be added to LITR202. Racism is one of the major issues that is affecting the World. It has existed since time immemorial. In case it is added as a literary work in LITR202; Students will be able to understand on the impact that Racism has and its negativities.

Independence Day

Independence Day is a novel that was written in the year 1995 by Richard Ford. It was written after the author’s sequel novel known as The Sportswriter (Ford 19). Originally; the Novel was published on June 13th, 1995 by Alfred A. Knopf. Basically; this book is written in the first – person narrative of an individual known as Frank Bascombe who was initially a sportswriter who turned to be a real estate agent (Ford 30). Some of the main characters that are associated with this book are Frank Bascombe who is portrayed as an individual who is enigmatic, strong and bold. It is quiet safe to state the fact that he is the protagonist of the novel.

Other major characters are The Mcleaods and The Markhams. The McLeods are the ones that rent some property to Frank while The Markhams are the people who plan to buy a piece of property or home from a realtor who happens to Frank (Ford 92). Other additional characters in the book include the likes of Karl Bemish. This novel has a total of 464 pages written in American English, it was also published in the United States (Ford 464). Specifically; this Novel was written begins and comes to an end in the State of New Jersey. Unlike most novels; its genre is classified as Novel. Some of the major themes that can be related with this novel are the themes on family, independence, business, love and pity.

The plot of the story refers to how Independence Day takes place in a fictional town known as Haddam (Ford 54). It also talks about Franks Visit to his Girlfriend, how he reconnects with his son and how he tries to help a troubled teen by connecting him with some of the hall of famers in Baseball and Basketball (Ford 60). Generally; this novel puts the mind of the reader into a fictional World; as a result the reader is able to read in between the lines and may try to apply the concepts of creativity. Basically this book should be listed as one of the Literary works to study in LITR202 since it will help in exposing the readers mind into the fictional World, as a result students will be able to related and write good fictional essays.

In Conclusion this are some of the literary works I would like to be added in LITR202. Once again they include “Things fall apart and an image of Africa: Racism in the darkness” written by Chinua Achebe. “Independence Day and the underdogs” written by Richard Ford and Mariano Azuela respectively. Each of this books has a good topical study that relates with the current study curriculum, secondly this book exposes the reader to the real and fictional World. This is very helpful in developing the creativity of a Student.

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