Outsourcing in Business Management


Hirschheim, R., & Dibbern, J. (2009). Outsourcing in a global economy: Traditional information technology outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, and business process outsourcing. Information Systems Outsourcing, pp. 3-21

Beulen, E. & Tiwari, V. (2010). Parallel transitions in IT outsourcing: Making it happen. In International Workshop on Global Sourcing of Information Technology and Business Processes (pp. 55-68). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Martinez-Noya, A., Garcia-Canal, E., & Guillen, M. F. (2013). R&D outsourcing and the effectiveness of intangible investments: Is proprietary core knowledge walking out of the door? Journal of Management Studies. 50(1), 67–91.


CRAAP is an acronym standing for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. It is a tool that looks at the qualification of a source if it is qualified as support of any information on individual subjects. The illustration below will be showing how CRAAP works about referencing the topic Outsourcing in Business Management.

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All the sources provided above are up to date. They are needed to give information on the issue of sourcing in business management.


Hirschheim, & Dibbern reference is about outsourcing in a global economy that uses traditional technology to inform us about the topic. It is supportive to managers and C.E.O.’s of organizations.

Martinez et al. (2013) also talk on the same that is outsourcing but adds some information concerning the effectiveness of intangible investments. It is appropriate to business managers and investors in making the right decision on investment.

Beulen, & Tiwar (2010), it is a relevant source to the topic. It presents the relevance parallel transitions in IT Outsourcing. But by brings in the international issue thus it’s pertinent to all business institutions in the world.


Hirschheim, & Dibbern are both Professors on information systems. He has written many materials related to information systems among them is on outsourcing in business management. He is qualified to be the source.

Martinez et al. 2013 – are not identified but are associated with universities. They have written some materials related to information. Martinez is associated with the University of Murca as an associate professor.

Beulen, & Tiwar – Beulen is a Dr. and a Professor. A consultant and a lecturer.


All of the articles are accurate because they are properly referred. They have a list of references.


The purpose of the information is to teach the management on how relevant IT information systems are crucial in their management skills. –

Martinez et al. (2013), have highlighted issues on management and how they can be successful. Beulen,& Tiwar have brought out the idea of global sourcing and the success of using such technique to the organization and business entities as well as Hirschheim, & Dibbern 2009 with his information emphasizing of achieving success if management hold firm to having correct outsourcing materials and the very importance of it. Also, information in the sources is have highlighted several areas of concerns that management and the business fraternity from all the world can apply to achieve a lot.

Finally, among the three sources, the best is Hirschheim, R., & Dibbern, J. (2009), because it has brought out clearly the importance of outsourcing in business management. The article has highlighted that the key reason is to reduce the overall operating cost and realize a profit. We fail to take the two, since Martinez et al. (2013), helps the business to concentrate on its core competencies by delegating other supportive or temporary functions but not clear on these values. Alternatively, we could not have taken Beulen, & Tiwar (2010) because it has concentrated much on updating the IT systems.

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