Organizational Behaviour

CPA is a leading global industrial company that offers chemical, plastic and agricultural products services with over 100 sites around the world. In addition, it has approximately 40,000 employees and makes more than $20 billion in annual sales.

However, CPA being a global company, it faced the challenge of maintaining its global standards while still being relevant to locals and other stakeholders. An established local competitor was damaging its reputation amongst its customers as a way to damage the brand’s reputation and ruin any plans of future investments. Hence, there was need to fix the matter before it got out of control.


CPA is a worldwide known brand, is respected by experts in the industry and has commendable customer loyalty which has benefited its brands as a result of the good reputation. Its outstanding services and workforce has made it possible for the company to localize products. In addition, excellent leadership and management has strengthened its entrepreneurship both locally and globally.

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CPA has suffered greatly due to negative reproachful comments made by its local competitor to ruin its reputation. This has affected the company and has damaged its sales. In addition, instead of finding a workable solution, management is keen on imposing things to be done “the CPA way” instead of being flexible and adapting to the local way of doing business.


If Tannins trusts her instincts and uses the relation based approach instead of the already proven methodology by her seniors, she will be able to salvage the situation thus making it possible for CPA to make future investments (Blanchard).


If management does not adapt to local methodology of conducting business it risks losing its customers to its competitors.


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