Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear weapons pose significant security risks to humanity and should be abolished altogether. Instead of promoting peace, the weapons breed mistrust and fear among countries since those without nuclear missiles feel they need to arm themselves extensively. The argument that it is okay for some nations to develop and possess nuclear weapons is false (Maman, 2018). However, as long as one holds a nuclear weapon, the temptation to use it may be overwhelming, especially when threatened by a country considered to have a stronger military capability. Unlike other weapons such as guns, nuclear weapons can wipe out the entire city population in an instant; with the effects of the radiation affecting the survivors for generations (Maman, 2018). To this end, when nuclear weapons are used, the perpetrators not only kill their enemies but also punish future generations.

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Nuclear weapons also pose severe threats to the environment since it is designed to destroy all life forms on earth. Reflecting on the Hiroshima bombing, Maman (2018) notes that “the city became a desolation with heaps of ash and rubble, skeletons, and blackened corpses.” As a result, in regions where nuclear weapons are used, severe famine is experienced since all plant and animal life are destroyed as well. The effects challenge the morality of possessing and using such weapons. Moreover, scientists explain that dust and smoke emanating from a nuclear explosion can change the local climate, including a drop in temperature and rainfall. Lastly, the development of nuclear weapons usurps extensive resources from the economy, which implies that several human needs remain unmet. Maman (2018) estimates that about $1000 billion will be used for nuclear development from the year 2010 – 2020. In cases of disarmament, the resources can be allocated to education, environmental protection, and healthcare, thereby improving the global standards of living. Based on the discussion, it is noted that nuclear disarmament should be urgently done.


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