North Korea at war with America

The United States has fought in several conflicts, including World Wars I and II, as well as numerous battles before and since unification. Today, if the present situation between the United States and North Korea persists, we are expected to experience another conflict, which will most likely be referred to as the Third World War. With both sides issuing warnings on a regular basis, tensions between the United States and North Korea are high. With intensified military buildup on both sides, every nation appears to be poised for war. North Korea recent announced that it is not frightened by the threats of the United States of launching military action on their country in the aim of stopping nuclear and missile manufacture and made a declaration that they are ready to go to war. One of the spokesman of the North Korea government in the ministry of foreign affairs accused the United States secretary of calling for tougher measures against his government such as sanction, and the possibility of engaging into military actions but the North Korean government maintained that it would not abandon its nuclear programs. Today the North Korean government is trying out all the mean to go to war with the US. The president of the North Korean government has been very vocal on different media platform on how he is prepared to face the United States. It should be noted that the North Korean is not even near to what it takes to be a superpower. Compared with their surrounding countries its economy is only a fiftieth. The United States, for example, spends almost twice its GDP on pets. Kim Jong has inherited dictatorship skills and grabbed the tension of the world with his nuclear ambitions. The paper discusses in details how the North Korea government is trying all the means possible to go to war with the United States.

The North Korean government is using different means to go to war with the United States. For example, on July 28th the government of North Korea launched its different mission with the testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile and claims it has the capability of hitting the Los Angeles and promised to manufacture such more warhead to target the United States. North Korea military had already tested such missiles on their neighbouring counties such as the Japan and South Korea. The ministry of foreign affairs of the North Korean vowed to protect the ruling government supreme figure in any way possible from the threats by the United States. The North Korea administration promised it would not hesitate to answer back with all its military at disposing of including the use of nuclear warheads. Also, on September 23rd the minister of foreign affairs RI Yong Ho in his speech to the United Nations. He announced that conflict with the US is inevitable, and his government could launch missiles to the mainland after the declaration by the United States president Donald Trump that the USA could destroy North Korean if it went ahead with its nuclear programs (Ward).

Tin addition, North Korean government has gone ahead to declare that it will bring down any US warplanes even if they are not operating inside the aerospace of the North Korean borders. The statement from the foreign minister is one of the most severe threats directed to the US. Another report from the foreign minister who pronounced that the nation would no longer tolerate any defensive signalling from the United States. On 3rd September 2017, the North Korean authority also went ahead to test another nuclear weapon which was more significant than any it had displayed before, the bomb is seven times bigger than the once that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during the Second World War. The United Nations passed some of the firm sanction against North Korea administration for involved in the nuclear testing such as blocking it from selling iron, coal, and another different item which generates a third of North Korean export income. The United States president Donald Trump in one of his speech declared that any further threats by the North Korean could be dealt with fury and fire as the world has never seen before. After some time, the North Korean government came out to respond to the words challenging the United States to war. The North Korean threatened to realize four of its missiles into the Pacific Ocean close to the American border of Guam where the warplane of US departs during survey across the Pacific peninsula. Recent the North Korean government made a statement to the world that it has overcome one of the critical hindrances to be able to hit the United States alongside other Europe countries using its nuclear weapons should there be a need to do so. Most of the political adviser of the North Korean government has increased warning to the United States that aggressive rhetoric could backfire back to the Americans. The spokesman of the North Korean government has maintained that their nation could perform a pre-emptive mission if the US showed any sign of provocation. The North Korean is counting on their development of the re-entry vehicle that is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead via the earth space to the required target. North Korea boost of its capability to launch long and short-range warhead that are in the position of hitting all the neighbouring states, it has made claims on several occasion that its long-range missiles can reach the America without obstacles (Osnos).

The United States going to war with the North Korean will be a good idea, as it is the superpower of the world, and no any single country can claim to match its power in military advancement. The United States has participated in different wars, and North Korean is a walk over. Since that attainment of independence by the USA, the nation does not take the threat lightly under any circumstance. The USA waging war with North Korean will be a perfect idea as it will be able to wipe out its nuclear plans which it is undertaking at the moment as well as reduce the tension that is being experienced between the South and North Korean. American going to war with Northern Korean will proof the might of the people of the USA that they do not fear anything or any country despite the fact that is loaded with the nuclear weapon. It should remember that America has successfully undertaken the different war in different states such as Vietnam and the recent was in Iraq.

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