Newman and Mill: Freedom

They touch on issues that affect both liberty and the conscience of the people during their error. Mill came up with theories that explained the naivetés in the Western front. Many saw that the Progressive theories were invalid. Newman, on the other hand, brought another alternative of the same theory that explained Mill’s theory clearly. Newman noted that evil was within the community, therefore, there was a need for limit when it came to the morals that the people practiced. That is to the extent it affected the moral laws of the same people. He did not the rights of the individuals under the same laws. The duties too had their roles to play among the people in society. To Newman, the conscience had its role in monitoring the actions of the people and it was influenced by other factors than utility which was what Straut idea. Newman did not understand why the Utility was present in Mills theory. While mills advocated one to change in terms of religion and Science on the other had invalidated Mill thinking because it replaced the thinking that come with the religion. It helped to change the technology. It brought in machines as well as weapons for the world war. The ideas of a University by Newman touched on the moral element in every Christian which was a guiding tool that informed them on how to conduct their ideas in this world. The article also explained the need to help the student to get the end of religion through the education they went through in the schools. Well, Vivi was a woman educated to be an independent person. She has the ideas of being an independent, focused, as well as, serious woman. While one looks at her background, she has been through foster care and probably a difficult childhood. She is raised by a woman who had rule and regulations that she had to follow. She also went through boarding school which might have changed her ideology and how she viewed the society. In the world she had everything education can offer therefore changing her traditional ideologies on life overall. She has a distinction on her resume and has her mind set on her career. She has a different view when it comes to society including their sexes. She also has her opinion on the different generation that exists in the community. She is in every aspect a definition of a new woman not like the usual traditional woman. She would also go against the expectations of her upbringing, and the expectations of the society to live differently from the values that her mother believes in. Her duty to the same community is different than the usual; she may be the kind of woman who would go for cigarette or ride bicycles and not submit to the community’s requirement of a woman. Vivie does not know what family is as much, so she is emotionally not attached to some values given to her. She grew up in a different environment. Therefore, she would agree with the values from the likes of Mill and Newman. She would want the ideas of living a life different from the expectations of others but not harm society while she is at it.

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The conservative ideas of Mill and those of Newman were different. Neman criticized the work in the On Liberty by Mill. He did not like the ideas of the liberal thinking that Mills brought to the people. He was more conservative respecting tradition at some point. He thought that the Harm principle did not help as much when it came to the fact that it was to complement the social lives of the people involved. The Newman, Mill religion shaping their lives. Hence they use the same to compare different aspects in their writings. They also form views when it comes to the practices of changing the lives of those around them using religion as a positive weapon. They all show religious background influences that shape their adult life. Vivie also has a part of her life influenced by religion just like the two writers she would agree that some of the action in the society does not go hand in hand with the practices of the people. In Vivie’s ideology and thinking she does not believe being religious alone changes a person’s opinion on marriage or how the people act while they are married. Education changes the minds of the writer, as well as, that of Vivie making them question the tradition incorporating new desires on the same and dream to have a change in the society and its practices.

Feminism also plays a part in Johns writing; he notices that the world takes the men’s opinion seriously more than they do women. Newman also brought the issue of feminism into religion, as well as, the socialization at the time a factor that stood out at the error he lived in as the male also dominated most everything. Vivie would have agreed with the introduction of the woman’s recognition in the society as she was a feminist too.