Negotiation Process

Negotiation refers to the method of engaging in a dialogue between two or greater parties with the aim of arriving at a appropriate outcome in the event the place conflict exists. As a result, negotiations play a significant position in the attainment of a reliable yet desirable consequence to both the events involved. Although the negotiation process includes countless phases such as preparation, discovery, check-in, trade and the evaluation, at a personal future both business or individual negotiations I would follow the stages of development, discovery as well as an evaluation of the talks.
I would apply preparation at a future negotiation when you consider that it plays a critical position in ensuring the attainment of adequate statistics before the talks. Moreover, preparation phase outlines the need to make sufficient considerations about the negotiations process. As a result, I would apply the preparation bit to ensure I have gathered adequate and vital information to aid in the negotiation process. Similarly, I would take into consideration the discovery aspect of negotiations. The discovery phase is essential in ensuring the creation of a rapport between the negotiating parties since its based upon the face to face discussions or aspect of negotiation (Sarkar, 2010). Also, the discovery phase underscores the rules and guidelines to be followed during the talks. The discovery phase highlights the stand taken by the other party in a negotiation process applying it denotes the probable time and the likely types of outcomes attainable. Lastly, I would use the evaluation aspect in a future negotiation as it plays a significant role in determining the efforts asserted by both the two parties.Also, evaluation denotes plays a vital role in highlighting the areas of both positive and negative outcome. Hence, assessment helps in determining the areas that deserve asserting more efforts.


Sarkar, A. N. (2010). Emerging Strategic Issues in Global Business Negotiation: Sharing Global Vision. Drishtikon: A Management Journal, 1-36.

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