Myths and Monsters

Qualitative Research Prompt

In many cultures, there are beliefs that ghosts exist and people sometimes encounter them. Others even go to an extent of describing ghosts as monsters with peculiar body shape, a lover of darkness with supernatural abilities to make some acts human consider impossible to be real. The same narrative is told by a lady in Denmark who believes to have had an encounter with a ghost in her new residence; an ancient farmhouse by the roadside. She narrates of having bumped into a ghost after waking up abruptly in the night after a nightmare (Raahauge 89). Such occurrences and beliefs set the foundation for this research paper that tends to discuss if ghosts exist or if it is just a myth.

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Research Questions. Some people believe that paranormal activities are real. Others even believe to have experienced such an invent. The research question, therefore, tends to ask; Are ghosts real, and if so do they interact with humans?

Primary Research Method. For primary data collection, the researcher intends to employ an interview technique, based on i9nductive reasoning to answer the research question. The interview method is most preferred because it will give the researcher a real-time data on the actual reaction of the interviewees to the sample questions. This will ensure the authenticity and objectivity of the data gathered.

Sample Size. The researcher intends to gather samples a population, exclusively of the classroom to cover other aspects of the research that cannot be obtained from a classroom population. The sample population will be considered in terms of age, cultural background, hobbies and occupation and level of education.

Sample Questions. The researcher intends to ask these as some of the sample questions; How old are you? What is your cultural background (religion)? Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, have you experienced a moment with ghosts? How did you know it was a ghost? Can you describe what it looked like?

Preliminary Studies. The researcher shall conduct a preliminary study to explore ghost activities that have been recorded, visit some of the accessible locations and know individuals who believe to have had an encounter with ghosts.


Work Cited

Raahauge, Kirsten Marie. “Ghosts, Troubles, Difficulties, and Challenges: Narratives about unexplainable Phenomena in Contemporary Denmark.” Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore 65 (2016): 89-110.