My Love for Rain


Rain, as defined by many meteorologists, is the condensed humidity of the atmosphere that drops onto the earth visibly in separate drops. I would not define rainfall as that though; I would refer to it as the drops that fall on the apple trees, others on the roof while others replace the dust on our heaved roads. I love the rain; the sound of it was dropping creates rhythms in my mind. Rainy days icon the most beautiful meteorological conditions gears that best suit animals, plants and human beings. During rainy days the environment is filled with beautiful colors, jackets and umbrellas painted in all colors and decorations. This not only helps me to remain stylish but also get prepared for many rainy days to come. I would not want to imagine a life without rain; the scorching sun does not provide comfort and is not soothing to the ears.

The matching look of both wet boots and umbrella complements it all. My parents always say that rainy days are the most productive and so I have carried on with the notion due to my love for rain. They say that beautiful and clear skies always distract the workers while the rainy days enhance their efficiency to work. The fact that I can spend a whole day in bed watching movies or reading books makes me love rain even more. Therefore I like rain because of its smell and sound; it’s comforting and soothing nature and the fact that little rain brings no harm to living organisms. I will forever love rain because it has no means of raining upwards and as long as it keeps raining it maintains our garden green.

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Sundry are the times I have felt odd due to my nature of enjoying rainy weather more significantly as compared to any perfect sunny day. Just like clockwork, every year people are complaining about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which affects those who begin to feel more depressed in the winter especially since days tend to be shorter, darker and colder.

The sound and smell of the rain are just refreshing. During my childhood, my room had a balcony that was completely shielded from any drops of precipitation by a roof above it. I had a very light sofa with a mattress that would easily be folded, and I would regularly drag it outside, cover myself with blankets and sleep. To the present day, I am nearly ready to take a walk out when it’s dark and pissing. I have a habit of leaving the windows open when it rains. The longest of my fantasies begins with the word rain, ensuring to supervise and make light to the meaning it has to others.

To me rain is comforting. When rain falls, it takes me back to every day I have woken up to raindrops mooring on my window, pattering smoothly and then stumbling onto the outer window sill made of metal, smelled the moist air. The feeling gives me the memory of being secure in my room, or in the open where it’s lush and green, under a tree. In the peat bogs also felt safe. The smell of moist air during a rainfall makes me think of a burning fire outside, the smell of the ashes and the rain interacting. It reminds me of how my skin gets wet when it’s exposed to air soaked with water vapors.

Rain makes me feel alive. It always reminds me of the power of Mother Nature. It as well makes me realize that everything on earth depends on this magical constituent to survive. That includes animals, trees and all sort of plants live at the mercy of rain. Water is the essence of life without which everything dies. I remember this day when I ran into the showers with my eyes closed and my head held toward the sky as the rain trickled down my face. I hurled my hands to the sky and later ran my palms over my face to clear my blurred water vision. This was an unforgeable feeling.

Rain makes me feel so soothed. I love how the trees, the sky and everything else becomes so clean and bright when it rains. At the end of the rains, I always find myself sitting in the window and stare outside leisurely sipping my hot coffee and reading any book as I admire the beauty of nature.

It is said that a little rain hurts nobody. Nonetheless, there are people whose feathers are ruffled by rain. They may even refuse to go out when it’s raining. This is because they are stressed by the weather and the effects it has on their plans. Others have bad experiences with rain like floods and the diseases associated with showers.


The pitter configurations of rain on roofs and windows of my house bring about satisfying and peaceful atmosphere for me to read my favorite novels. The apparent noise from rain allows my mind to remain relaxed and soothed thus creating a room for better sleep. I am confident that better sleep days are during the downpour. Little rain does not harm me, and so I had never experienced the beauty of rain until when I went out to dance in the shower with my friends. The moments created are very emancipation and unforgettable. I love the rain; the sound of it falling creates rhythms in my mind. Rainy days icon the most beautiful meteorological conditions gears that best suit animals, plants and human beings. During rainy days the environment is filled with beautiful colors, jackets and umbrellas painted in all colors and decorations. I would not stop myself from staring at the beautiful rainbow for hours; the color patterns from red to violet. Indigo from the iris is vivid and striking, and I wish it was brought nearer to the surface of the earth. I am quite sure that the first glare to the rainbow comes along with a smile. My love for rain, however, comes along with me satisfying my cravings for coffee and chewy cookies and biscuits. Every time I see showers of rains dropping onto the ground, I tend to feel like the clouds are floating into my soul, no longer carrying storm but to complement and add color in my sunset day. Conclusively, there is a reason as to why sound and music producers’ use rain as a backdrop to help people sleep and relax. Rain is a peaceful, refreshing and a soothing sound. Rain lovers can calm down through a hectic day.