Modern Mythology

Martin and Jane met for the first time and high school, and they had known each other for more than seven years when the breakup happened. They started by being usual friends in high school but later converted the association into a romantic affair when Martin told Jane that he wanted to have her as his lover, which would allow him to get more privileges like sexual favors. A romantic relationship kicked off, and they have always been together for all that time until eleven months ago when the imaginable thing happened between them. The pair had become my personal friends, and I was privy to most things that were happening between them because we used to share ideas. Martin used to say, “Disappointing this lady is the last thing I can do or think of because I love her so much, and she loves me too.” Disagreements were rare, and no one would envisage such an ugly ending between long-time friends and lovers; nonetheless, it came to happen.

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The ending was mainly characterized by the disagreements that intensified two years after the two had joined different colleges, and everyone was busy with studies and other personal issues that interfered with frequent communications between them. The conflicts became common, and the peak of the disputes was when Jane started to accuse Martin of infidelity since he had acquired many girlfriends in his college. She told Martin, “I know what you are doing with the ladies you call friends, and truth, the outcomes will be out soon.” Jane was not happy with the presence of such friends, and it was the critical aspect that triggered the disagreements that had, by that time become part of the romantic affair.

The last part of the relationship was on one of the sunny Sunday afternoons eleven months ago when Jane asked Martin if they could meet and discuss something that evening. That was the first time Jane made a call after remaining silent for close to three weeks, and the boyfriend was worried about the cause of such a silence since her phone was always off, and she was only active on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. Martin was excited and thought Jane wanted them to talk about a vacation they had planned earlier. Nevertheless, the meeting did not happen because Jane communicated an hour later that she would not make to meet him and said she would call him. Martin was thrilled by the change in plan and decided to wait for the call later in the evening.

When Jane later made the call, Martin asked what was going on and why she had been silent for all that time and ignoring his messages on social media. Jane replied by saying, “I think it is the right time that we should break up.” Martin answered her jokingly by saying, “Stop your jokes, please, stop kidding.” The reply was a significant turning point of a relationship that had been on the rock for several months. At first, Martin thought it was a joke until he realized that she was not kidding. She said she would return all the gifts she received from him, including an engagement ring.

Martin could not believe that a woman who had asked him about the kind of wedding he wanted them to have immediately they complete college can initiate a breakup at such a time. The bitter thing is that Martin had already introduced Jane to his mother and sister. All the times they spent together were majorly characterized by planning about how their future life will be, and Martin could not come in terms with the fact that everything was now past. Martin tried to make several attempts to reverse the situation by telling her, “Please give me a second chance,” but it was not possible because Jane seemed to have opened another chapter in her life, and she was not interested in anything related to her past relationship. Instead, Jane told him, “Move on and keep yourself busy instead of bothering me because I have made up my minds and I am not going to change what had happened.” However, she did not block him on social media sites, and they could see each other’s posts. Martin took to social media to hint about what had happened without mentioning names, but he did not receive any reaction from Jane, who was the primary target for such posts. Martin tried to use mutual friends to reconcile them, but everything was unsuccessful since Jane blocked communication with whoever wanted to talk about what she considered her regrettable past. Martin started to accept the realization that there was no hope of reversing what had happened, and he was to open a new chapter in his life; nevertheless, he still hoped that Jane would change her mind.

Martin’s world crashed when he realized that Jane had already gotten into a new relationship with someone that he knew as just a friend to her. He saw them together in photos she posted on Facebook, and that made him so bitter. The discovery that his ex-lover had moved on rekindled the memories that he was struggling to overcome. Martin was depressed because of what had happened, and he needed support to defeat the experience of the breakup.

The experiences that a feeling of guilt had mainly characterized Martin because he thought he had caused it himself when he started focusing more on his new friendships in college, something that should have made Jane believe that he no longer loved her. He also felt that he did not do enough to mitigate what had happened. He also felt that initiating the relationship was also a blunder because he would not be in such a situation if the connection had not occurred. The regrets became uncontrollable and used to cry whenever he started to analyze the relationship to ascertain what should have been done to prevent such a bitter breakup. At some point, Martin contemplated committing suicide and took the intervention of his close friends and psychotherapy sessions to change his mind.

The primary source of help for Martin was seeking advice from a psychologist who guided him on how he should handle the situation without risking something that would ruin his future. At some point following the breakup, he almost engaged in the use of drugs, notably alcohol and cannabis, because he believed the illusions would help him to get over his past. With the guidance of the psychotherapists and close friends, he managed to overcome the urge to engage in drug abuse and other unhealthy behaviors. Several months later, Martin is showing signs of recovering from the unexpected heartbreak that might remain one of the experiences of his lifetime. He had started to get closer to his former friends, unlike the earlier days when he avoided everyone. Besides, his class performance is stabilizing, and he is almost back to normal life.


Initial situation- the fact that the two had a developing relationship that each thought would lead to marriage after college

Conflict- a conflict emerges when Jane started suspecting Martin of infidelity when they separated and started attending college in different institutions

Complication- it develops when Jane starts to avoid Martin and switches off her phone most of the time

Climax- the climax is when Jane declares that they need to separate considering the tension in their relationship

Denouement- the point comes when it turns out Jane was serious about ending everything regardless of the number of people who were aware that they were dating


Jane- the woman whose boyfriend shifted to a new institution and started having doubts and trust issues

Martin – the protagonist who is the center of the breakup because of the many female friends he had in college

Main Ideas and Themes

The story tends to present the view that breakups in relationships, particularly between lovers, are usually one of the worst nightmares that one would ever wish to experience. People separate due to several reasons that might only be known by lovers as the case of Martin and Jane. Regardless of the factors that result in a breakup, the experience is usually traumatic, as depicted by the feeling of guilt experienced by Martin. The partner who feels that he or she is responsible for the separation often wishes that he or she could have done things differently to save the association as Martin did. The idea is that recovering from an end of a relationship often is very challenging and notably because of losing someone that an individual has always been used to and played a significant part in the life of each other. Most victims of separation may fail to overcome reality, and for others, it takes so long to come back to their healthy lives.