Microsoft A Fortune 500 Company

A fortune 500 refers to the list that is composed and marketed by ranking five hundred United States largest firms by adding there gross revenue for their particular budgetary years annually. Microsoft has a clutter nature outlook and is also co-authoritative as it allows multiple users to perform a task in one document concurrently. They are also smart in outlook which enables them to crosscheck spelling and any mistake that might arise from the Microsoft. These Microsoft are divided into Microsoft Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project and Visio. Microsoft is divided into an output type divisional organizational structure based on particular computer product software and hardware. Significant features of Microsoft organization include: type of product which is the most authoritative feature. It’s the primary feature of this organization structure which uses output and merchandise as the major criteria for collecting personnel. It is further subdivided into Microsoft corporates structure that comprises the productivity and business processes, intelligent cloud, personal computing, corporate. Secondly, its divided into global corporate group which is the secondary feature defining Microsoft structure based on various objective requirement in the computer-based technology business making the organizations work easy and include office of the CEO, Worldwide Commercial business, finance , business development, Technology research, windows and devices group. Finally divided into geographic segment feature being used in grouping financial reports of the company. The most important products produced by Microsoft are diverse windows being the first product produced by Microsoft believed to have been sold four hundred million copies of its contemporary version .Office product from Microsoft Company has shipped more than 100 million copies since its release. Thirdly, Skype is the recent addition to the Microsoft system since it has made an income of more than 860 million dollars. SQL server being another service is symbolic to this firm because of its importance in database storage. System Centre is used to control both the hardware and the software in the enterprise. Others also include dynamics, windows azure, Xbox, visual studio, windows server among others .Threats attached to it are Cyber-crime which sabotages its organizational system creating misunderstandings to customers. Piracy affects developing countries through adaptation of already existing system. This may impact the firm negatively by lowering their income and causing stiff competition within the market the product is produced and supplied. Strong competitive rivalry causes market supply forces where other corporates diversifies their operating system and hardware computer services that reduce the company business.

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The mode in which primary stakeholders determines financial performance in an organization is through customers, suppliers, top management, employees and shareholders themselves. Customers impact the strategy environmentally through price, the demand of quality and by recycling. It involves the relationship between customers views towards different service features, benefits, their satisfaction, loyalty, commitment. Occurs when financial managers treat consumers as allies in the distribution of already existing services or in their pursuit of successful ultramodern services. Unexpected behavior will spearhead a worthy atmosphere while removing any obstacle that may arise from the risk to ensure progress in relationship progress to improve financial outgrow. Secondly, stakeholders influence the financial performance by the suppliers by determining the source of energy the organization has by addition of ideas to the firm for process developments. It also involves the sales of the firm by the supplies which are an attempt to reach the latest or modern-day business requirements such as high financial outcomes. The purchase of firms candidly influenced the supplier performance leading to an increase in financial performance. Thirdly, top management affects the financial performance through its long-term and short-term objectives. Manager’s beliefs and decisions control the limit of the firm’s origination environmental implementation. Most successful corporates are characterized by competent and comparable top management group having good wages and average tenure. In addition to those, employees also play a critical role in financial performance as they can come up with new clarification and to help in curbing waste and energy in process of production.

They revolve around increased productivity, lower employee turnout, and improved customer satisfaction. Lastly, shareholders themselves have an upper hand in financial performance because they have the rights of votes on major decisions within the firm through voting and strategic planning and even in short-term orientation in creating profits and revenues.

Controversies that are associated with the Microsoft company are diverse and one of them being limitations to jurisdiction. Many firms have utilized their products in third world countries under globalization as a result of domestic legislation which does not guarantee them enough labor protection. These happen when the firm offers low wages or even ways on matters pertaining to the health and safety of workers in their working areas. This is because globalization focuses on cross-border trade, multilateral exploitation and even worldwide supply economic chain which increases CSR treats that relate to human resource management practices, surrounding protection, safety and even health among other important concerns. CSR also ensures supervision of labor conditions to its employees, to the local community as it determines the steps to be taken in ensuring good relations to the public. When these conditions are restricted by the law the public domain and even the employees will be adversely affected which will result into a poor relationship within the firm and even might result to the collapse of the business corporation. Some developed countries like China which already have had a properly drafted labor policies legislation still experiences labor exploitation as a result of poor enactment or adoption of the law. This is also due to the fact that there are no strict measures to be taken on the MNCs because of the poor law inaction in those developing countries. Globalization has weakened states authority which has incapacitated significantly rendering them more of state-like corporations. Globalization also escalates the criterion of inequality in the public domain as the governments, firms, consumers. The firms can also escalate the effectiveness and the performance of the business through the global distribution of resources. Regardless of this, the corporation experiences a stiff competition that subdues the scope of a country or an area. This competition brings luxurious interest to their consumers or users and it also creates social, ethical and even environmental implications and decision-making process within the firm.



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