Economic Status

Literature has always been referred to as the mirror of the society because it reflects what goes on in it. From the short story The Metamorphosis, there are a number of issues that can be related to the modern world such as sibling relationships, communication, mother-son relationship, economic status and father-son relationship. The focus of the discussion will be how the story reflects economic status in the contemporary world.

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From the story, Gregor Samsa is the breadwinner of his family and has other responsibilities of clearing his parent’s debts. He also has to work with colleagues he deems annoying because of their unpleasant characters. His economic experiences are comparable to what happens in the modern society. Some youths who have jobs are faced with a lot of responsibilities, and some of those include taking care of their parents and siblings. Additionally, the work environment he faces is also similar to what people face in the contemporary world. There are cruel bosses who demand a lot from employees not caring about their welfare. Gregor Samsa’s boss for instance claims that “However, now I see here your unimaginable pig headedness, and I am totally losing any desire to speak up for you in the slightest “. The manager utters these words without knowing the condition in which Samsa is in. Also, at the workplace, there exists people who are slanderous and work to taint the reputation of other employees. This is can also be identified in the story when the main character says that, “…because the firm’s errand boy would’ve waited for the five o’clock train and reported the news of his absence long ago. He was the boss’s minion, without backbone or intelligence.” The errand boy appears to be the slanderous type, who is quick to report employees to the management without consultation of their well-being. Most people are on jobs because the salary they earn is used to sustain their lives. Jobs are so demanding that people rarely have time to spend with friends and family.