Mass Shooting

According to the original report, numerous laws introduced in the state of California in response to the incidence of school shootings have played an important role in limiting these events. Other states have struggled to benefit from California’s past, which has had to go through the ordeal of mass shootings just to respond when the harm has already been done. According to my peer’s response, recent mass shootings in numerous parts of the United States have arisen as a result of lawmakers’ inability to enforce stringent gun laws, analogous to the state of California. The item selected by the student is vital due to its relevance with mass shooting witnessed recently in Las Vegas where many lives were lost; hence the topic has become a controversial one, therefore, evoking much interest.

Section 2: Own perspective/Further Reflections

I share the same idea on the issue of mass shooting in the United States as my peer. It is clear that gun control regulations have greatly helped in reducing the occurrence of mass shooting; the state of California is a good example. However, I also believe that gun regulations only are not enough to control mass shooting in the United States since there are also other factors which matter. It is the role of the government to protect its citizen. The government should, therefore, guarantee security to the citizens by ensuring that risk assessment is done and measures are taken where the risk is high (Schildkraut & Jaymi 34). Other control measures include ensuring good mental health care and provision of education about gun misuse to the general public.

In conclusion, there is a lot which still needs to be done as far as mass shooting is concerned. Despite gun control playing a major role in preventing mass shooting other considerations should also be made.

Work Cited

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