Marketing Campaign for the Nike drink

Good marketing campaign is very vital for any successful business in any part of the world. Every marketing campaign must always involve advertisement of the product. Advertising refers to the act of marketing products using either print media, electronic media or sales persons. It is very vital in popularizing a new product to potential customers and in reminding customers of an existing product. Nowadays, it is common to see advertisement on newspapers, television, radios and magazines. Advertisers uses different techniques to draw the attention and the readers. Use of short and appealing language is very common in many advertisements these days. There are many products that producers advertise such as toiletries, utensils, vehicles, furniture among others.

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Nike is a family-owned multi-national company based in California USA, with over ten years of operation. It is managed by two directors who run the thirty-five companies located in different parts of the world. Currently, it has over 500 employees working for it. The company has over 1.5 million sodas it intends to market in Africa. It has hired over 45,000 salespersons to be involved in the continent-wide marketing of the new Nike drink. Nike company has set aside over $ 1.6 billion for this advertising plan.


The company is planning to approach over 60 advertising agencies to agree on an advertising contract. The advertisement is to be aired on both television and radios at least thrice a day in a bid to reach the over one billion potential customers in Africa. The campaign is set to advertise the Nike drink under the advertising campaign “The best”. Additionally, Nike company wishes to thorough exploit social media in advertising the product to African. The company has a total budget of $ 5 billion intended for marketing the Nike drink in Africa.

Nike has hired renowned south African comedian Mr. Zachariah Onterson, popular blogger Wanter Banter on a three-year renewable contract of $2.1 million to aid in popularizing of the Nike drink. It has also hired media personalities such as Dr. Zaibun Osanta and Susan Monder on a year contract each to market the Nike drink on their social media pages as they have over two million followers each and are greatly renowned in Africa.

Nike company also intends to introduce promotions to encourage people to drink their products. It intends to have a code under the bottle top that is to be sent via short message to put their customers in a draw. At least three winners will be rewarded weekly with a cash price of $500.This will translate to at least twelve winners a month.

The company has also created a Facebook and Instagram page named ‘Nike Company for Africa’. These pages are specifically intended to market the Nike drink to Africans as well as to handle any concerns that potential customers in Africa may have about the Nike drink. It has hired additional 300 customer care agents to handle their customers online throughout day and night.

Nike company intends to set aside over $300 million to sponsor all the national football teams in each African country. This is mainly intended to market themselves through sports as this is very close to Africans. Additionally, it has set aside $50,000 to award the winning team in African football championship that is scheduled to take place later in September this year.


  • Nike company aims at popularizing the Nike drink in the African continent. The company targets to reach at least 60% of the over 1.5 people in Africa.
  • The company also aims at conducting three interviews daily on both radio and television in every African country. This advertisement is to be aired during prime hours such as some minutes before the news or in between most popular shows
  • The company aims at selling over 1.5 million Nike drink in the month of June alone this year. The drinks are to be flown by cargo plane at least twice a week.
  • Nike intends to ensure the teams they sponsor shines in local competitions so as to get involved in international competitions in other African countries for the purpose of wooing potential customers.
  • The company intends to have attended to at least half a million different concern that their customers have.