Major Trends Influencing Global Marketing

International markets provide great opportunities for enterprises seeking to improve their profitability and productivity. Some of the major trends influencing Apple Inc.’s international marketing include Emerging Markets (EM), improvement of Data Analytics, instant access to the internet, and rapid innovations. However, these trends need to be considered in details as they can be an advantage or a disadvantage to an enterprise.

Emerging Markets (EM)

Developing countries have some of the rapidly growing economies in the world, as they seek to reach the levels of developed nations. The rapidly growing economies present the opportunity for an enterprise to sell their products. India is considered the second most promising country for smartphones after China. Therefore, entry of Apple into that market is profiting financially.

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Data Analytics

The development of data analytics systems has enabled global enterprises to break down data and make them actionable. Through the use of data analytics, enterprises can identify and evaluate the market trends, hence determine the potential international opportunity for their products. Data analytics programs have enabled Apple Inc. to determine its customer needs around the world, hence provide appropriate adjustments.

Instant Internet Access

Rapid communication due to improved internet connectivity across the globe has facilitated customers to make informed decisions. Customers have access to product information hence, can determine their flaws easily. Therefore, Apple Inc. is under more pressure to create effective products with the need to protect its global image. Moreover, the company is restricted against making certain decisions affecting a particular country, for instance, smartphone pricing.

Rapid Innovations

Innovation is growing at a rapid pace across the globe as facilitated by the entry of new companies dealing with similar products. Therefore, a particular producer could never feel to be at the front line automatically. The continued global innovation leads to the development of better devices than existing ones. Hence, Apple Inc. is forced to adopt the rushed approach to innovation to stay relevant.

Entry into the International Market

As a Rita Water Ice worker tasked with devising a strategy to facilitate successful entry into the international market, the proposed countries are Saudi Arabia and Kenya. Saudi Arabia is considered due to its relatively hot climate, whereas Kenya is an emerging market in East Africa. Franchising is considered as a suitable strategy as it facilitates brand sharing among independent businesses, governed by mutual consent. The franchise model has been in operation especially at the retailing and service industry and recognized for its success.

Two important factors are to be taken into consideration by Rita Water Ice to successfully apply the franchise model for entering Saudi Arabia and Kenya. First, Rita Water Ice is a foreign brand hence merging with the local operators would enable the company to understand the marketplace culture. The culture of the market place is not constant globally, as certain products may be appreciated in a country yet rejected in another jurisdiction. Also, there is the availability of supplies readily, which will maintain proper operations of the business far from the country of origin. The constant supply of raw materials has been associated with the long-term sustainability of a particular enterprise. Accordingly, Rita Water Ice relies on the water, which is the primary raw material for its operations. Hence, the sustainability of the enterprise to the international market based on the availability of raw materials is guaranteed.