MADDMAN; the Steve Madden Story

The Netflix documentary about Steve Madden is a story about the successful businessman, who is a popular figure with women on account of his passion for women shoes. According to the documentary, Steve Madden developed his passion for women shoes when his father cut his college funding due to his drug and substance abuse, and he had to drop out, hence seeking employment at a footwear store. After some time, he decided to quit his job and start his own business, which was a success. However, the shoe honcho hit rock bottom in 2002 when he was charged with stock manipulation and securities fraud. He served thirty-one months in prison and when he came out, he guided his company to one of the most successful shoe businesses in the continent. Of central focus for this essay are Steve Madden’s approach to the team and its evolution throughout his career (“MADDMAN: the story of Steve Madden”).

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First, it is worth stating that Steve Madden found it hard to follow in the steps of his family. For his family, the understanding of employment was becoming a guru in fixing televisions but Steve Madden wanted to curve his own path, so he ventured into sales. When he started as a sales person he formed studious cooperation with fellow employees and even his manager, because he had his eyes on the future. His perception of the team that worked at the footwear store was that they would be useful to each other in the future. True to his expectations, now the store he started at has his brand, “Steve Madden” as part of their merchandise. Also, his cooperation with the “Wolf of Wall Street” stands out in the documentary for it was the one that ultimately landed him in jail. He confesses in the documentary that he teamed up with the wolf only because what he said about making his business bigger in the exchange market sounded plausible (“MADDMAN: the story of Steve Madden”). He admits naivety and greed of which he is now cautious not to fall victim again.

As the old adage puts it, Steve was once bitten and he is now twice shy; he is more cautious of any partnership that he gets into. Interestingly, he has taken positive the lessons from his cooperation with everyone that he has met along the way. He says in the documentary that those past happenings are particularly responsible for molding him into what he has become. He is now a seasoned entrepreneur and gives advice to upcoming entrepreneurs, cautioning them not to be greedy in their undertakings. Moreover, he particularly admits that were it not for his imprisonment, he would not have gotten married to his former employee, with whom he sired three children(“MADDMAN: the story of Steve Madden”).

In conclusion, the documentary demystifies the factors that aided his approach to the team discussed herein (“MADDMAN: the story of Steve Madden”). He was able to join hands with the wolf because he felt convinced that at the end of it, as is the dream of every entrepreneur, his stocks would rise. This was an anticipated breakthrough, but as he got deeper into it he started having doubts about the legitimacy of the means. And as it turned out, he was right and he suffered the consequences.


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