“Love is a fallacy” is a paradigm of an anti-woman for three reasons

The term error or fallacy is the comprehensive idea that defines the common behavior among people in the society. It describes the mistakes in reasoning and decision-making among people. In the contemporary society, people behave in manners that that depicts fallacious argument. From love stories to cultural decisions, fallacies form major contexts of individualistic behaviors in the communities (Van, Frans, & Rob Grootendorst, 6-15). The narrative “Love is a fallacy” is the complete representation of a love story among three young people in the learning setup. It presents one intelligent young man in the middle of a love chain. He has two friends who are so dumb and does not grasp the learning contents as shown in the classrooms. One of the friends is a young man, Petey. The other one is Polly who is a beautiful girl. They both fall in love for Polly. Petey admires Polly and presents a threat to the guy in winning the girl. Since both Petey and Polly are “foolish,” the man takes an opportunity to use his wits in claiming his love for Polly. He organizes for a conditional event that presents Petey with two options to choose from in the event. He buys raccoon coat and offers to Petey to choose either the coat or Polly. Dump enough, Petey picks the coat over Polly. “He plunged his hands into the raccoon coat and then his face. “Holy Toledo!” he repeated fifteen or twenty times.” (Shulman, 3) He seizes the chances presents himself to Polly proposing to teach her fallacies. Polly accepts the offer, and they proceed with the lesions. Interestingly, he fails to tell her his intentions up to a time when they had finished all the lessons about fallacies. The most unfortunate and tragic turn of event is that Polly admits her love for Petty after refusing the person’s proposals severally with claims of mistakes in the proposal statements. Ideally, the story is an anti-woman paradigm in three ways. Women are materialistic, manipulated, and subject to betrayal.

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This article is an ideal illustration of what most young people go through in the contemporary society. Numerous fallacies exist in the world that potentially bar many people from achieving their missions in the community. Such case is typically witnessed in the story of this young man. In many cases, the society frames itself to victimize people in their quest for love and affection in the community. It is so unfortunate that after all the man did he fail to win the heart of Polly on various occasions. Moreover, the tragedy of the story enumerates the various conflicts of interest in the pursuit of dreams among individuals. Heroism and assumptions portray the traits of a failed battle. Therefore, the plight of a woman is a universal tragedy that occurs in three levels as witnessed in this society.

First, the widespread culture dictates that a man should persuade a woman to be in a relationship with him. Women can be manipulated by what they see and hear from people. A variety of missing links occurs in the narrative that helps to explain the context of cultural differences between men and women in any society. In this regard, male chauvinism portrays women as submissive beings pleased by the action of men. According to many philosophers, an emotional connection begins when we understand the intentions of the partners. While the guy struggled to impress Polly, Petey embraced the culture of impressing Polly with the new raccoon coat. Most women will love to hear what they want to hear from a man. Therefore, the first impressions in the approach play a significant role in the persuasion steps. The story around the young man is just an example of the many people within the communities. Prominently, individuals in the societies become victims of male chauvinism. Personal assumptions prevent the actualization of a person’s potential in the community. Additionally, men assume that women should submit to impressive ideologies in the community. Love affairs and other social prerequisites in the society should focus on the will of a man to manipulate the woman. Such acts portray woman as subject to manipulation.

Moreover, women tend to love material things in the society. It is shameful to realize that Polly accepted the proposal just because Petey had a raccoon coat. Perhaps the influence of the raccoon coat was more effective than the message content of the young man. Ideally, effective communication involves the expression of the initial intentions of any message. However, the author presents the woman as lovers of material properties. Ideally, assumptions are the best killers of a dream in the society. When one assumes that the recipient will understand the content of the communication without expressions, it becomes a nightmare to convince the receiver after a decision. Thus, it could have been ideal for the man to communicate his intention to Polly before her all the lessons about fallacies. Evidently, raccoon coat was very precious during this time. Perhaps this is the reason why Polly used the young man’s teachings against his proposals.

Finally, the battle for the love of one woman in the society promoted the emergence of betrayal in the society. Petey betrayed the man by proposing to Polly after agreeing to pick the coat as an option to Polly. However, it is understandable that failing to communicate the tender feeling is the origin of the dark sense of heartbreak and betrayal among people in the society. It is so sad that we find the young man in a state of desperation after failing to impress Polly. Typically, it is also a sad experience to share in the feeling of the entire failure of intellect in such a society. Such calamities commonly occur in many instances within the residential areas. Unfortunately, good people may end up feeling sick just because of their assumptions of their interests in the community. Thus, it is possible to blame the young man in this case for failing to express his interest in Polly right away. The author has successfully shown that effective communication is paramount in successful relationships within the society.

In conclusion, it is true that men are the victims of many social norms in the society. However, this article illustrates the importance of truth, integrity, and communication in social affairs among any generation. A woman can be manipulated, convicted, and persuaded in the society. Petey could have refused the coat instead of taking the jacket and proposing to Polly at the same time. This act shows a betrayal from a friend. Additionally, the story is against men who cannot express their feelings to their target partners at the right time. The implication of various fallacies in the story illustrates the dynamism in the power of effective communication in any social organization. Assumptions may prevent one from achieving their missions in life. Thus, it is crucial to establish an ordinary course of understanding among young lovers to avoid heartbreaks and betrayal.


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