Lord of the Flies Novel versus Film Comparative Essay

The movie entitled Lord of the Flies is superior compared to the version of the novel because the film has shown how events took place during the period of civilization savagery. It stimulates feelings among viewers compared to the novel, where someone must read to understand the themes.

The theme of loss of innocence and coming of age is displayed by some characters like Roger. Initially, Roger is shown as an innocent and respectful teen. However, as the film progresses, the boy refuses to obey the regulations which are attached to civilization (“Lord of the Flies” (1963)). Moreover, there is a theme of fearing the unknown objects by the boys. From the movie, the unknown is the “Beast”, in which every character is terrified regarding its adverse effects.

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Moreover, the themes of social evil and the pain of war are exhibited after rebellious boys start hurtling pigs, confiscating property, and assassinating innocent people. From the film, peoples’ inner conflict is shown after Jack Merridew declines to carry out duties at the fire camp when a helicopter crashes into the ocean (“Lord of the Flies (1963)”). Individualization occurs when the “Beast” is said to have the only powers which can bring good or harm to others. On the other hand, an aspect of the community is shown when Ralph becomes responsible for other boys’ action at the camp.

Also, the theme of the nature of evil is brought out when the movie shows people shooting at a plane carrying school children in a desert. Furthermore, this scene helps define the primitive brutality of humans because the blameless schoolboys are being harassed in a war that they are not aware of. Moreover, too much power can be corrupt because Jack is seen declaring himself as head of the new hunting group despite being rejected by other boys (“Lord of the Flies” (1963)). Lastly, the concept of the destructive power of jealousy and insecurity is shown in the movie after Jack insights other boys to declare Ralph as an incompetent leader so that he could assume control.


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