Lord of the Flies

In Lord of the Flies, the “beasties” represents an internal darkness within us all that only civilization can conquer.

The increase in globalization has enhanced the economies of many nations. Civilization can be perceived as a set of values that encourages the prosperity of a large, diverse community and its members. The primary significance of civilization is the role that it has played in reducing the barbaric attributes in the community. The barbaric actions are attributed to the acts of internal darkness that exist within human nature. The Lord of the Flies uses the beast to symbolize the traditional savage approach to life that existed before modernization, including hunting, gathering and a communist way of life. There was a need for the society to come out of the ancient lifestyle and embrace acts of civilization such as education, politics and the production process. In Lord of the Flies, “the beast” represents inner darkness within us that only civilization can concur with.

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In Lord of the Flies, the pig’s head dialogue symbolically represents the internal darkness of humanity, which is even more powerful than our sense of morality.

Moral ethics in society controls the character of human beings. Ethics are the accepted codes of behavior in an organization that enables individuals to associate in harmony. Most ethical systems draw their principles from religious teachings. However, the character of society members is also influenced by immoral behaviors, which are imitated from the environment in which an individual grows. These immoral behaviors tend to have a substantial impact on our behavior. In the story, Simon conducts a dialogue with the head of the pig that was being sacrificed to the beast. According to Simon’s beliefs, the monster was a real entity that could be hunted and killed. The misguided ideas in society have resulted in the prevalence of immoral acts despite the existence of ethical standards that governs the character and behavior of society members. In the Lord of the Flies, the pig’s head dialogue symbolically represents humanity’s inner darkness, which is even more potent than our sense of morality.