Learning Log

Throughout my Geography course, I learned a great deal. I now have a better understanding of my surroundings and the state of the planet. I’ve created a clear picture of the consequences of man’s actions on the earth. I am also now familiar with South America and Asia’s landscapes, settlement patterns, population density, climate, and topography.
The study of South American and Asian geography was one of the most exciting aspects of the course. The subjects included continent landscapes, climates, treasured natural features, animals, minerals, and the various nations that can be found on the continents. Learning about the indigenous tribes and their way of life was fascinating. I hope to one day visit both continents and experience what I have only witnessed through texts and pictures.

Due to my interest in new cultures, the aspects that I understood best covered the study of the continent. The fascination made it easy to go through the subject matter as well as understand it. I am most likely to remember most if not all the information that I acquired on those topics. It was also quite interesting to learn about human activities over time and how they have affected the earth.

I had trouble understanding the technical aspects of the course. For instance, I had to repeatedly cover topics such as spatial analysis. Basic concepts with mathematical concepts such as map scale, the absolute and relative location and spatial distribution were also challenging. I eventually understood the topics through hard work.

Learning this course has made me more mindful of the effects that the activities that man carries out on the earth. I have also become more aware of other cultures and their practices. This information will be useful if I ever pursue a career that requires knowledge of geography such as cartography and environmental consultancy; two career paths which that I have explored. I will also utilise the knowledge in Asia and South America if I get the chance to travel to the areas.

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