Job Offshoring

The government of the United States can safeguard the interests of the American citizens by stopping job offshoring from America through the powers of the executive branch. The president has the potential to overturn current practices by various American companies who send work positions abroad, leaving a number of the United States inhabitants jobless, for instance, through exercising of the statutory powers limiting different forms of international commerce. Domestic manufacturing could be boosted through federal procurement, whereby the authorities preferentially obtain American-made products.

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However, existing trade agreements between the United States and related countries provide federal government with obstacles to treat the commodities crafted in partnering states with the same interest as the American ones. The accordance between America and other nations is usually put in place through regulatory waivers by the executive power to protect the interests of the American citizens.

The Significance of Stopping Job Offshoring

  • There will be increased opportunities for Americans who are highly educated. Offshoring of high-tech positions from the USA limits the opportunities presented for people with expertise for pursuing their careers in the market.
  • It limits the threats about the security and privacy of the Americans. Various companies are renowned for outsourcing tax-processing firms outside the country. That situation poses a peril to the people’s tax records and additional personal information.
  • More college students will be encouraged to undertake high-tech programs. The fear of their jobs being taken by the international personnel is managed; thereby, America will increase the chances of establishing a vast knowledge base within its borders, avoiding global spillover risks.
  • There will be the reduction in the rate of unemployment. Restricting outsourcing will multiply job opportunities for American citizens, consequently reducing layoff levels.

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