Jamie Fox As Troy, the Protagonist in the Play “Fences”

Eric Marlon Bishop, generally known as Jamie Foxx, was born in 1967, 13 December, in Terrell, Texas, United States and later adopted by his grandparents Estelle Marie Nelson and Mark Talley. During his early childhood, Jamie used to play football and basketball and even become the first player in his high school history to have passed the ball more than 1000 yards. Furthermore, he knew to play piano as early as 5years old, thereby leading the choir plus being in the local church known as Hope Baptist Church. Jamie Foxx is the best-known comedian, entertainer, actor, and musician (Black). Nevertheless, he studied music at San Diego University; however, he was sidetracked to comedy at the time performed a stand-up comedy at an amateur’s nightclub. The popular known name Jamie Foxx was adopted from a gender-neutral name. Jamie is noted for quite a number of awards, ranging from academic to career awards.

There are a number of reasons that can make Eric Marlon Bishop known as Jamie Foxx are a good actor protagonist in the role of Troy in “Fences”. Since he is more of an actor and both are young and quite talented; also, Jamie Foxx understands more of instruments like Troy; therefore, he is suitable for the play. Furthermore, he is also talented in singing, actors, and as a comedian, thereby winning many global awards, thus making him a suitable character play his part as a protagonist in Fences. Likewise, he has continued to maintain the acting career with kind of movies like Jarhead (2005), where he recorded together as an executive opposite to movie stars Beyoncé and Eddie Murphy; therefore, he is a suitable actor for the play.

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On the other hand, both characters, that is, Jamie Foxx and Troy, are black African Americans. Both characters are in passion about games; for instance, Jamie Foxx played football and basketball in his early high school life, whereas Troy was a former baseball player at Negro League; thus, this feature makes Jamie Foxx fit in well in the play Fences. In contrary to the play, the qualities of Foxx differ with Troy in that has no love and he is not supportive to his loved ones whereas, Jamie Foxx is hard work and loving thus, can work with others as compared to Troy; for example, working with Eddie Murphy as an executive. From the play, Troy is a responsible man who thwarted his dreams, which made him prone to believe in self-made illusions. From this scenario, you can see that Foxx and Troy both have dreams like Foxx goes to a nightclub and performs a stand-up comedy; this makes him quite a person who can fit well for the act.

Moreover, Jamie Foxx’s name came from gender-neutral whereas, Troy’s last name in the play is a combination of Dixon and Mason bring about an imaginary. From this, one can drive out that both characters can fit in each other shows from the constructions of names. Another quality that makes Foxx suitable for the play as a protagonist is that his past is filled with sad memories. Whereby, his parents separated while he was small, with similarity Troy where his past is filled with disillusionment like once on his career he was at the top; however, later, he experienced a dead end in life as a ballplayer.

One of the characters had some successes in life. Since Troy is labeled as a tragic hero, he makes sure that his son lives a better life. Additionally, he was once a Negro League baseball player; however, he was too old for the Major League. On the other hand, Jamie Foxx’s success is seen through his career as the best actor, comedian, and musician, thus winning plenty of awards such as Academy Award and being listed in the Billboard album charts. From the two scenes, Foxx is quite the best person to play in Fence.

Jamie Foxx may not be linked by many in Hollywood, but his qualities are redeemable. Foxx is loving; this is brought through the charity and help he gives to kids who are in need. When it comes to the play, Troy takes care of his son’s well-being. Thus, Jamie might be considered as part of the play because of his loving characteristics too. Another quality Jamie has is to tell stories. When he was young, he had the ability to narrate stories to his classmates, which made him be rewarded by his teacher. These promising traits can as well be used to recite the play Fence done by Troy; thus, that position as a protagonist suits him well. Finally, Jamie Fox fits in the play Fence because of his known ability as a professional actor, and his personal life seems to be filled with comedy from his young age until now. Although there are differences between the two characters, it cannot limit one from participating in the play.


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