Iraq and World Peace

The Iraq War, as championed by the United States administration, was fallacious per se. The reality is that President Bush and his administration manufactured false insecurity that stemmed from Iraq. In this respect, the Iraq War was unavoidable because the United States understood that if they got Iraq’s control; hence, they definitely can control the oil in the Middle East for their economic sustenance. This paper is a comparative review of the assertions made by President Bush that Iraq threatened global peace and David Koehler’s position on the issue.

Koehler’s arguments make sense and, therefore, are valid in every respect. According to Koehler (2003), Bush lacked concrete facts and would, therefore, project a false dilemma as their solemn trick to argue their case. Moreover, the clarion call floated by the Bush administration that you are either with America or with the terrorist was a predetermined slogan to compel other nations to vindicate America’s resolve to invade Iraq. On the contrary, Koehler posits that just because countries are opposed to terror acts does not guarantee an automatic partnership with the US. The argument fronted by Bush, (2002) that Iraq was processing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which can easily bring global peace to nothingness, was the worst fallacy ever fabricated. Moreover, while the U.N. Security inspection in Iraq did not establish the claim for WMD, the Bush administration’s insistence to pursue military action shows just how fallacious their position was driven. On the other hand, it is evident based on Koehler’s (2003) assertion that Bush made his claim from an ignorant perspective.

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In the end, the war in Iraq was wedged on a different ground other than the mass media project security threat as hyped by Bush (2002). The use of bad events and fear-mongering in their arguments did not warrant a pre-emptive attack on any sovereign nation. In any case, the Bush administration’s attack on the Iraq soil was its fallacious creation to justify the attack; thus, invading Iraq was a necessary evil (Mearsheimer & Walt, 2003).



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