Information Technology Literacy

Computers are profuse in the current life. Everybody needs and uses computers, although the average human being lacks the basic computer knowledge with regard to its functioning or specifications when paying for it. A majority of people largely depend on computers to a large extent. Therefore, it is expedient to have basic knowledge of a computer, its cost as well as functions. Through having this information, it becomes easy for one to understand and operate a computer. The knowledge is also resourceful when purchasing a computer along with seeking repairs. Consequently, computers are currently being used everywhere. According to 2012, US Census report, about 78.9% of United States households own a home computer, which is an increase from the 1997 18% (Lin, 2000). The statistics mentioned above illustrates the fact that in the near future, almost all homes in the US will own a computer, raising the question for the need of basic computer knowledge since not as many people are seeking it. Generally, there has been a 60% increase in the use of computer in the past fifteen years. Presently, computer skills is a crucial skill for everybody to have. Regardless of whether one knows how to get a job, complete schoolwork or for personal use, it is essential to have basic knowledge of a computer. Evidently, majority of people get frustrated as a result of lack of knowledge whenever they see someone else perform something new on a computer.

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It is crucial to know the name along with the function of every computer component in a bid to understand the general functions of a computer as a whole. Efforts to always recall that a computer resembles the human body, as well as function in a similar way, is imperative. It is impossible to comprehend the human body with no understanding of the body organs together with their functions. In the same way that the human body is made up of several organs, each working collectively is a computer made up of various components which together to constitute it. In the contemporary world, the possibility of getting employed without basic computer knowledge is quite minimal in the current era, even if an individual has the ability to operate a computer. The essentials of a computer are quite imperative in managing a company’s computer resources (Lin, 2000). Almost all organizations in the current digital world vastly use the computer in their day to day operations. Therefore, it is important to have basic knowledge of the functioning of a computer in order to efficiently carry out the company operations as well as any necessary repairs. Even in organizations without computers, basic knowledge of a computer is an added advantage and a greater chance of employment. Since there has been massive expansion towards a digitalized world, including the use of computers, necessary computer skills become imperative in effectively operating a business and growing profits in the modern world. It is thus important to know the basic part of a computer along with their functions. Understanding the latter will highly increase one’s understanding of technology and make it more powerful.

Most professions have various uses of computers. However, being a specialist in computer technology opens more prospects for technical jobs, including server analyst, computer programmer, software developer and technician, which are essential positions that all companies require. Modern workplaces heavily rely on computers; hence basic computer knowledge ensures the above-mentioned specialists become relevant in ascertaining that nothing goes wrong with the network or computers. Having computer knowledge implies that one understands the functioning of computer software as well as hardware and is able to adapt to changes. The knowledge becomes especially important when it is necessary to handle new programs in the workplace, such as new technological features and updated content management systems. Computer technology is not stagnant, and since an employee’s position relies on effectively utilizing it, one must acquire the necessary skills in order to follow the developments carefully.

Consequently, it is difficult to operate without a computer in the present world. Journalists make use of computers as they search for information as well as edit video and text. The police force utilizes computers in storing criminal records, and even shoe salespeople use computers while keeping their books intact using the spreadsheet software. As such, even rudimentary computer knowledge is crucial in undertaking daily tasks as well as improving the workplace performance

In conclusion, the basic functions and parts of a computer enables an individual to become better educated and also increases work performance. Knowledge of a computer is imperative for an employee to have an in-depth understanding of the current market and the fine details of the work. Technology has recently become prevalent that basic understanding of the functions of a computer and operating it serves as the foundation of expansion of knowledge. Furthermore, the basics allow an employee to understand their work fully, and it can also be efficient in addressing business as well as personal needs.



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