In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, how effective is madness at uncovering the truth?

In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, various layers of meanings are considered complex. The complex meanings of the play are uncovered through the madness of some of the characters in the play and theme of madness all through the play. In the play, both Hamlet and Ophelia showed some symptoms of madness in the play Hamlet by Shakespeare.

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The initial point where madness is revealed in the play is when Hamlet was left to find revenge for his father’s murder. Hamlet is truly annoyed due to death of his father, and he is determined to kill Claudius, but his conduct towards Ophelia and his mother proves Hamlet is mud. Another occasion where Hamlet showed his madness is when he questions his presence and purpose on earth and thinks of suicide. A different variation of madness is experienced through the life and behavior of Ophelia. Ophelia has a strange love and hates towards every individual in her life, which developed after the death of her father, Polonius. Polonius was killed by Hamlet, and resultantly, Ophelia got devastated and frustrated. Ophelia’s madness is evident when she was singing a Valentine song “To-morrow is Saint Valentine’s day/All in the morning betime/And I a maid at your window/To be your Valentine” (IV.v.46-49). A lot of losses in her life contributed to her madness.

In conclusion, madness demonstrates by the characters such as Hamlet and Ophelia are due to the frustration resulted from life challenges such as death or losing loved once. It reflects what happens in the society since there have been many cases where people lost their minds due to shocks and frustrations they encounter.