importance of homeland security

Homeland Security and the Department of Defense are the principal organizations in America responsible for maintaining the country’s security against both domestic and external violence. Homeland Security is tasked with stopping terrorist threats within the country (Kemp 1), by deterrence and effect minimization. The job of the Department of Defense, according to Winslow Timothy J., is to protect the nation from foreign threats (1). Both agencies play an important role in policing, but the Department of Homeland Security wields greater power than its equivalent. Starting from 9/11, and more recently the ISIS threat, America being a world superpower has been consistently under threat from domestic terrorism, organized crime, etc. who are evolving to using better technology in weaponry and even in communication such as the internet. This has placed a significant burden on the government because without security most economic apparatus, and even the country’s sovereignty is under threat, and this is a reason to place all resources towards the defense of the country internal security. Recent news proves the crucial role homeland security plays in the country: In December last year, Homeland Security rejected a bill that recommended private prisons for immigrants (homeland security panel), in other news the department has been instrumental in the fight against crime, through the arrest of sex trafficking business man and at the same time deal with its own internal corruption issues to improve their effectiveness (Enemy within). There has been an uproar following a much-contested Appointment of John F Kelly (John Kelly), an appointment that has sparked political rhetoric part of which is due to John Kelly Hard-line position similar to President Elect Donald Trump on Mexican border wall (Trump’s Homeland Security).

This media coverage in the past two months alone shows the import role the department plays in influencing politics and ensuring the countries internal security and therefore a relevant government agency.

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