Illegal Immigration

The United States of America has the highest level of illegal immigrant population across the world. Immigration has created numerous challenges for the country. At the same time, policies related to immigration have raised many debates across the country. These talks mostly concern economic effects caused by immigrants and little attention is given to the aspects related to culture. Many scholars have argued that immigration causes more harm than good to the United States of America. They believe that the negative effects associated with immigration would not have been in existence if the country did not allow immigrants into the country or deported all those who may have gained access to America illegally. Immigrants from Mexico constitute the largest group of illegal immigrants’ into the United States of America. The federal government has over time formulated policies that will expel back all illegal immigrants and provide a mechanism for sealing off all loopholes that allow Mexicans to enter America. Despite the government’s efforts to deport all illegal immigrants back to their countries, the government has not been able to deal with those who have legal documents. Some of the immigrants have stayed in the United States of America for a long time and are hence considered US citizens. This paper look at negative effects associated with illegal immigrants from Mexico and the United States’ government response to the problems.

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Unemployment is on the rise in the United States of America due to foreign people taking up local jobs (Altonji and Card). The economy of the United States of America has been growing steadily but not well enough to create jobs to sustain all Mexicans who enter the job market without notice. It becomes very hard for economists to plan on how they will create employment for every American as immigrants come in large numbers without giving notice. The immigrants from Mexico have been willing to offer cheap labor and in the process Americans fail to secure meaningful employment. Immigrants rarely invest their cash in amerce. In the process, they do not spur economic growth as desired. They spend all their incomes while some sneak their surplus earning back to their home country. The situation has led to many Americans lacking any formal employment. Immigrants are also willing to work for a lesser pay compared to what Americans would agree to take. Producers thus prefer to hire immigrants to cut on the cost of production resulting in Americans lacking employment (Altonji and Card). Studies have shown that immigrants are sometimes overqualified compared to the local Americans making industrialist opt for employing the former as they can provide the desired skills better than locals (Altonji and Card). Immigrants are also can be less educated, some not having gone beyond high school, and are willing to provide cheap labor at the existing wage rate. In the process, they out-compete the Americans for the available jobs. With immigrants raising the population if the United States, the nation’s per capita income has had to go down. A decreasing per capita income is not good for society. Illegal immigration leads to poor economic growth

Many immigrants in America associate with illegal activities. A good number of immigrants have been taking part in drug trafficking, prostitution, and theft (Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union). Such actions make the American government spend more money on providing security for the people of America. The government is forced to invest more resources to various law enforcing agencies to secure Americans and their property. The extra funds being used to provide security could have been directed towards development of other sectors of the economy. Regions that have more immigrants have reported higher crime rates than areas will fewer immigrants (Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union). The government has also been forced to guard entry points to prevent more inflow of immigrants from Mexico. The government of the United States of America has even thought of building a wall to separate the country from Mexico and make it harder for people to cross over into America. The wall will cost the America taxpayers much money that could have been used for other activities had the problem of immigration not been in existence. The government is committed to end immigration from Mexico to contain negative effects associated with immigrants. The government also spent many resources to acquire modern security equipment that will be used for surveillance purposes to ensure the immigrants do not engage in illegal activities.

Immigrants have been taking advantage of government programs designed to benefit the people of America (Broder et al.). In the process, such aliens have caused unwanted congestion in public amenities. The limited resources available have also been overstretched to cater for a vast number of people, composed of non- Americans. When the government plans to provide affordable healthcare to the people of America, immigrants flock the services, making the public sector not serve people as expected. State schools have been overflowing with students from immigrant parents. These students are required to undergo language-learning classes before they can be allowed to study with others. English language learning programs take up many government resources when a majority of the people who need the classes are not American natives (Broder et al.). Children from Mexico have a limited understanding if English hence need to undergo the program before being allowed to join the others. The government, therefore, has to fund such programs, which do not benefit a majority of Americans. Illegal immigrants also raise the cost of running detention centers. The government has to spend many resources in providing the various requirements for the people under detention (Altonji and Card). The government also incurs the cost of building and maintaining such facilities yearly. The state needs to factor in the budget resources the cost and expenses of deporting illegal immigrants, providing them while in detention, and paying for other administrative expenses related to having immigrants within the United States of America’s borders.

From the above discussion, it is evident that immigration causes various adverse effects on the economy of the United States of America. Mexico contributes the largest number of illegal immigrants in the United States. Immigration in the US relates to increasing levels of unemployment due to immigrants taking up jobs that could have been filled by the locals. The issue also caused an increase in criminal activities within the United States of America. Immigrants also stretch the available resources for use by American state. Therefore, it is true to say that immigration causes many negative effects on the economy of the United States.


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