Hurricane Katrina And Its Preventive Measures

As mayor, the first step in preparing for a hurricane hit is evacuating the people to safer and higher ground away from the reach of floods and from the path of the hurricane. Construction of canals and dykes to control the water levels by obstructing the flow of water into the city and settlements and strategically positioned canals to direct the water away from settlements and cities is also necessary. Along with a lasting plan, this step is, however, aimed at preventing the worst from coming to being in the future (Pammer, 2012).

Omissions included failure to heed to warnings from Hurricane Pam simulation which showed how vulnerable the city was to flooding and the catastrophic repercussions that were to follow if large-scale flooding was to occur in the state (Pammer, 2016b). It was mainly experienced in the part of the state authorities. Another omission was the failure to order compulsory evacuation in time before the hurricane hit. In addition, there was failure to plan on how to approach multi-jurisdictional catastrophes (Pammer, 2016a). The superdome will help save lives of those individuals who will miss the evacuation. Evacuation should be carried out indiscriminately and 30 hours before the actual hurricane hit.

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New Orleans is one town in the United States that is prone to flooding due to its location at 25 feet above sea level and proximity to major water bodies like the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason, there is need to plan adequately for the future in matters concerning storms and hurricanes. Funds should be set aside to carry out quick evacuation plans in case of storm occurrences. There should also be constant monitoring of the weather conditions to survey any possible storm occurrences and allow earlier preparations of evacuating people to safety. Measures to control the floods should further be put in place including building dykes and canals.



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