Hurricane Irma

Since the beginning of humanity, the world has been plagued with a number of natural disasters which have led to massive loss of life and properties. Prominent among such natural disasters is the hurricane. There is also a need to note that the natural deserters are usually outside the immediate control of humans, however, their effects are long lasting.

In recent times, the United State experienced Hurricane Irma. The event was a top story on news headlines all over the world. Hurricane Irma was considered to be the result of a massive tropical cyclone in the Atlantic Ocean in September 2017, which resulted in the overflow of the Atlantic Ocean beyond its territory (Cangialosi et al., 2018). Based on the events that took place during this natural disaster, the world observers have considered it as one of the most devastating hurricanes of recent times. Observers concluded that is the effects of this unplanned phenomenon surpassed that of Hurricane Katrina of 2005 (Keneally, 2017). Disaster management institutions in the United States and worldwide were of the opinion that the result of this catastrophic event was a full spread of catastrophic damage that might have a lifelong effect on the citizens. This is based on the fact that it led to massive loss of life and properties costing millions of dollars.

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Although some natural disasters such as hurricanes are to a large extent massive and unplanned, there is a need to ensure that disaster management institutions carry out research in a bid to make sure that the likely early occurrence of such disasters is detected in an effort to prevent massive loss of life and properties. In addition, the government has to improve the evacuation procedures for the people that live in the affected areas.



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