Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating storms that has been experienced in the United States. Starting on August 17, 2017, the storm generated through major regions intensifying on 24th to 25th of August. It started in some areas, reduced as if ending due to wind blow before accelerating to climax. It has broken the peaceful 12-year period that has been enjoyed since the 2005 Wilma. The hurricane intensely and catastrophically caused flooding in Southeastern Texas leading to many difficulties to both human beings and animals. In four days’ period, many areas received a high amount of rainfall resulting in the floods that caused havoc on roads by covering bridges and making it difficult to move (Wagner & Grinberg, 2017).

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The floods led to thousands of homes being swept away leaving the people homeless, more than 30,000 people were displaced, and many rescues were prompted. Harvey resulted in about 39 confirmed deaths in Guyana and 38 in the United States with massive destruction of property on the surface, especially in Houston (Wagner & Grinberg, 2017). Many areas were rendered with no electrical power and deprived of drinking water due to inaccessibility of the water pumps, which were buried in the floods. Most of the affected are people who had no insurance on their property making it a devastating loss. Hurricane Harvey has been deemed as the worst disaster in Texas history with unthinkable economic loss, which took a very long time to recover.



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