Many people have met new people through humorous situations. I am going to describe a funny situation that helped me meet a beautiful girl. On a weekend, my sister and I visited the market nearby. Since it was the holiday season, the place was full of people, and one could not walk freely. We had to walk hand in hand, and we were hardly getting through the crowd to find some vegetables. I held her hand then as we were forcing our way through, yet I had to leave it for someone to pass. Then I immediately held someone’s hand, and the hand was soft just like my sister’s one. I continued walking still holding the hand, but then I heard someone saying to stop pulling them. As I turned my head, I was in shock to realize that the person I was holding was not my sister but another girl. I just let her hand go, and I laughed as I tried to explain to her what had happened. She laughed at the story and together we looked for my sister in the crowded market until we found her. We told her the story, and she laughed, and after taking the beautiful girl’s contacts, we later talked, and she agreed to date me.

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In this case, the funny situation where I pulled her hand without knowledge that she was my sister formed a basis for a conversation, and this facilitated my encounter with my girlfriend. The fact that the situation was also funny to her showed that we share common interests in humor. As we talked and laughed about the situation while looking for my sister, there was clear bonding.

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