Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a social issue that includes the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or receiving of people using intimidation, abuse of power, danger, or another sort of organized payment. According to Goldenberg (2015), all of this is done to achieve total control and possession over another person for abuse, such as prostitution, organ removal, forced labor, and other forms of slavery or servitude. Human trafficking is estimated to be worth $32 billion per year, according to the article. It’s also the fastest-growing criminal enterprise on the planet. Furthermore, it is estimated that about 27 million people are victims of human trafficking that involves forced human labor and commercial sex (Goldberg, 2015). While 80% of the victims are women, about 50% of them are children (Goldberg, 2015). It’s known that most of the victims fear to report to the police or concerned institutions about their victimization due to fear. Their offenders scare them of hurting their family members should they report. Apparently, since most of the victims are immigrants without legal documents, they would rather suffer in the hands of the smugglers than prosecution from the host country. This paper evaluates the article by Goldenberg (2015) in portraying the horrors of human trafficking as the worst social problem in recent times.

Reasons that Necessitate Human Trafficking

Based on the article, human trafficking is triggered by certain factors such as domestic violence, childhood abuse, high unemployment rates, poverty, discrimination against women, high unemployment rates, war or terrorism causing people to flee for a better life. However, the article posits those penalties for human trafficking felony in most countries because most offenders use their money or influence to earn their freedom once again (Goldberg, 2015). Ironically, offenders have often obtained bonds, while innocent people have been prosecuted for uncommitted crimes. Again, the powerful offenders corrupt the justice system in the sense that case files are vandalized, so they get acquitted for lack of evidence. The disparity between the poor and rich has been the main reason for this. The irony though is that while human trafficking should attract a jail sentence of 15 years or even a lifetime, the justice system has been shortchanged justice to suit the interests of the mafia. Again, competing for social strata and poor policy formulations coupled with deficient resources are to blame for human trafficking (Goldberg, 2015). The greedy to get wealth in the midst of a lame duck policy framework has witnessed the mushrooming of human trafficking one of the worst forms of crime that undermine the dignity of humanity.

Personal view, finding and suggestions

I hold the views that the society is doing virtually nothing if not less to compel powers that be to curtail heinous acts of human trafficking. We should agree that no color, race or social class is mightier than the other or should be made superior over the other. We are all the same and with the same abilities through different viewpoints. The government institutions should come on board to arrest the perpetrators and charge them with longer, heavier penalties. Corrupt individuals from the government and private sectors should be arrested and prosecuted as well. All illegal brothels should be scrutinized for child prostitution and other illegalities taking place on the ventures. Norms of the past that were created with no dignity or ignorance should be put off in order for the society to live based on humanity’s strengths and love. I strongly refute the notion of taking advantage of other beings for our own selfish interests.


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