How Technology Affects Work Environment Today

Technology in its whole essence can be termed as the material and immaterial entities formed by applying the combination of mental and physical effort to achieve a given set of values. On the other hand, it can be referred to as collection of the techniques that are put together to produce desired effects such as the needed products, satisfying the needs and wants, and solving the problems. Technology affects the work environment today in the numerous ways. Some businesses are enjoying the advantages of using it, while others are reaping the adverse effects that accompany it. The work environment is undergoing an evolution that entails changing from being just a place or location into being a mindset. It means that work is now part of employees’ everyday way of life. Also, the work environment is shifting from merely being the physical entity to being more of a place for creation and utilization of information. Organizations are not waiting extended periods of time for technicians to fix problems, but repairs are now being done by just a click of a button.

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Technology advances cost management of the work environment. When an organization has good sets of technology, workers are encouraged to work toward improving productivity mostly in finance. Enterprises are mainly monetarily healthy due to innovative technological equipment and software that are introduced into the work environment (Dukes). Given that workers are being encouraged to elevate their working hours due to such technology, less time is wasted, as much is put into honing the paying jobs at hand. A productive work environment is a cost-effective one, thus showing how positively technology has altered the workplace making it a better place.

Also, technology increases collaboration. It has provided a different level of communication in the organizations. For instance, being the president for NSBE, I am accurately connected to most of the employees at any given time, in whichever place they are. More so, everything that relates to the work environment is efficiently coordinated by the use of the well-developed software (Dukes). Not only is payroll and inventory well managed, but also three-way and four-way calling systems have been made possible by the use of technology. As a result, more time is salvaged and used in order to improve the entire organization instead.

With the increase in collaboration, an amplified level of flexibility in communication has been enhanced, making it possible for workers to continue partnering, notwithstanding the location each may be. Teamwork is very feasible and advanced to a whole different level. E-readers and cell phones are providing a way for individuals to continue working even when they are away from the office. For instance, a subordinate is now able to send back complete assignment given to him or her by the boss electronically without necessarily going to the office to do so.

Moreover, technology has enhanced productivity and efficiency of the work environment. The modern workplace is witnessing a complete turnaround in how we are devoting our time in performing our responsibilities. Management of time is being boosted, and fewer efforts are being put into doing tasks thanks to technology. Employee productivity and efforts are improved, giving them the opportunity to place more prominence on issues like accuracy, creativity, and innovation (Dukes). Clients and co-workers expectations are having a share of the effects of technology in the work environment, as everyone is kept linked on a continual basis. The rate, at which result is expected and produced, is also evolving and becoming more instant than it was before technology was incorporated in work environment.

Contrary to the positive ways technology is affecting work environment today, the adverse effects associated with it are also felt. Technology at times discourages clients, who wish to talk to a real person and not a switch board (Hopson). For instance, customers calling a company’s help line for answers or inquiries do not contact a live person. Instead, they are directed to press certain numbers to relay their needs. Such include, 1 for yes, 2 for no, and 0 represents going back. Technology is depersonalizing the relationship between customers and organizations they interact with, resulting to lost business opportunities.

More so, technology can make workers escape responsibilities that require their presence as well as their undivided attention. Both voice mail and email can disadvantage a company’s performance. An employee, who opts to limp off for an hour or so in a private work environment, might direct voice mail to take all calls and disregard essential emails. Business calls from the clients and other relevant stakeholders that would have caused an increase in sales or lead to the meaningful relationships are not acted upon. Thus, as a result, the firm may be negatively impacted during that down time. Nonetheless, technology is changing the work place today. With appropriate tools and equipment in place, organizations together with their teams will be able to remain a float given that technology is the way to go.


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