Healthy Lifestyle for Better Life

The video in the link: starts by highlighting the need for proper health such as physical fitness which also contributes to intelligent being. Human beings have concentrated on lifestyle practices and have forgotten the nature. Lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure are undertreated, over treated, mistreated or non-treated at all. Dr. Hedge suggests that our primary focus should be working towards boosting our immune system. It is enhanced by loving everybody and having a clean heart with no hate.

Dr. BM Hedge points out in the video on how our lifestyles contribute to illnesses. Heart attack, for example, is caused when we treat viral diseases with antibiotics as in the habit of taking medicines even without a diagnosis. Many people tend to rush in purchasing drugs for managing common cold and sore throat while in the real sense, the cure should be taking ginger, garlic, and hot water respectively. The ignorance of the people gives rise to these lifestyle diseases.

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Depression is also a notable ailment among people. Its cure includes social support of the patient and offering individual and group therapy. It is contrary to where people tend to take anti-depressants drugs which in the long run stimulate the brain making the individual contemplates suicide. It is the primary cause of increased homicide cases in today’s world. Obesity which is the typical lifestyle disease is on the rise thanks to the wrong diet choices of high intake of fats and sugars. However, with a proper diet choice cum exercises, then obesity cases can be reduced, and people would assume good health.

In conclusion, all lifestyle diseases are caused by our ignorance in our decisions. If only we maintain a proper diet, physical exercises, adequate treatment of ailments, psychotherapies and have social support from others, then these health issues can be minimized.

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